How to Get Softer Lips

Everyone wants smooth, beautiful, kissable lips! How do you get that? By exfoliating lips with either a homemade sugar scrub or a good lip exfoliator once or twice a week. Just like you would exfoliate your face to slough off any dead skin cells leaving your face smooth and fresh, your lips also require the same attention getting rid of dull, dry flakes and keeping your lips looking even and moist.

I use Mary Kay Satin Lip Mask (size .3 oz) for my demonstration since I bought it last year and rarely use it. However, my lips have been a bit flaky lately so it was a good time as any to break it out again. I don’t have the ingredients on it since this was before beauty blogging, but you can purchase it here for $9.50 or you can make your own homemade lip scrub (a teaspoon of olive oil with a teaspoon of sugar).

Gently apply the scrub over ur lips and massage for a min or two.
Then wash off with warm water

You’ll notice instantly that your lips are smoother
and a natural rosy color appears due to the exfoliation

With any exfoliation, be sure to moisturize your lips afterwards.
I’m falling in love with Yes to Carrots C Me Smile Lip Butter in citrus
gifted to me by Jeremy as a thank you for the review I did on the moisturizer.
It’s definitely smooth like butter and smells heavenly!

Here’s to beautiful lips, girls!


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  1. I love sugar scrubs! I do one like once a week! πŸ™‚ I bet your hubby loves your soft lips too πŸ˜‰ hehe

  2. wah sewwt :] so exfoliate then moisturize and then ta da soft lips ^_^ hahaha thanks so much ! im gonna try it right now

  3. haha.. yep.. i don’t think hubby will mind soft lips.. as a matter of fact, i may use this scrub on him too.. haha. =P

  4. Excellent – def. will try the Mary Kay one. I’ve been looking around for a good lip exfoliator! I’ve tried using my Aveeno facial exfoliator lol… but I get mixed results with that! ;P

  5. ooo man i need to do a lip scrub.. thanks for the review/tut.. thing.. πŸ™‚ hahaha.

  6. I heard before about this scrub but I like regular sugar with some honey ‘n suff too πŸ™‚

  7. aww… i need to try this. Lip scrub sounds wonderful and promising

  8. Oooh Yes to Carrots!! LOL! πŸ™‚ Their stuff is pretty decent right! πŸ™‚

    I love using my B&BW Liplicious Brown Sugar Scrub/Lip Color that I got from Tammy!! You can just wipe or lick off the dead skin and sugar and viola!! Soft lips ready for the tasty color on the other end! πŸ™‚

  9. I haven’t been exfoliating my lips lately, but I usually make my own sugar scrub. Have to get on that haha.

  10. thanks for the tip! love the look of your lips

  11. good lip exfoliation is a must.. hehe.. and it’s not bad with sugar either =P

  12. I need to try to exfoliate my tip. Thanks for the tip!

  13. Wow..thanks a lot for sharing^^

  14. Woow your lips look really softened and plum after the little treatment, I should try that too one day

  15. hehe.. yes.. this should help get softer lips so must try =)

  16. HOLY soft/plumpness! I want to give you kiss! LOL! Angelina Jolie has got NOTHING on you.

  17. hahah Tao u always crack me up!

  18. I used to use that Mary Kay lip exfoliator and loved it. I haven’t repurchased it because I don’t have a Mary Kay lady anymore. But I think sugar scrub is just as good and sweeter. =)

  19. I love the MK lip exfoliater. I used to use it all of the time when I was a Mary Pimp!

  20. I definitely need to scrub my lips! Thanks for the reminder Mel