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I had time on my hands, so decided to fool around with the page setting on Facebook. Just another form of communication and because everyone and their mom has one, why the heck not. haha. =P

I also created one for Fuz too for the heck of it – she just doesn’t know it yet! haha. shhh!

Click on pic to become a fan! hehe


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  1. haha so sneaky!

  2. I agree with jenn, super sneaky! Although I don’t have a facebook O_O

  3. So funny Mel!!

    And loving the new layout! 🙂

  4. muahhaa

  5. LOL!!! How long did you think I was gonna stay oblivious?! Hahahaha! Thanks girl!!

  6. hahahah! i was going to give u a day to find out.. muahah =P

  7. hehe That’s cute 🙂

  8. tee hee =P