Won Ton Noodle Soup Recipe

Ok ladies, I haven’t been posting up food recipes in awhile only bc I’ve been quite busy. Either that or I’ve been quite lazy. haha.. I’d prefer using the busy part. =P Anywho I was on a roll yesterday cooking up a storm so I figure why not do a food post too. =) I don’t know about you but won ton soup is probably my favorite dish in the world. I can eat that all the time and never get tired but then again I say that about korean bbq too and oh lately bon chon chicken wings! haha. You know I had to add that in there bc it’s a food post, right?

Anyways onto the recipe =P.

You will need won ton skins, half of that ground beef portion, salt, pepper and two eggs.

combine all the ingredients and mix it up well

Put just a tiny portion in the middle of the won ton skin. Not too much, otherwise it won’t cook fast and you want to do the same portion for the rest so they all cook evenly. Then you fold it in half.

Next you fold the other side over to meet the middle then open up the other side and push in the middle (hard to explain since I didn’t have one more hand to take pics. hehe) or u can just fold it in half to be simple. Pinch in the middle to close off the skin so the meat doesn’t come out when cooking.

Repeat until you get a dish full of folded won tons. =)
Next, in a boiling pot, place several won tons in the pot and cook for a few mins. The water will become a bit murky from cooking the flour off the won tons. You will know it’s ready when you dont feel them stick to an other and they sort of float to the top too. Place them in a large dish so you can store them in the fridge to eat the next day. I drizzle a bit of oil after each layer so the won tons don’t stick together.
Next I normally use chicken boullian to create the broth but I ran out. So instead of I have chicken broth which is the best thing and dilute it a bit in the pot. I used 1/4 of water and 3/4 of chicken broth and bring it to a boil.
Now you can eat the won ton by themselves but hubby likes it with noodles. You normally see the egg noodles being used but he likes these noodles the best.
Soak a 1/3 section (for 2 portions) of the bag into cold water for about 5-10 mins.
Then place in boiling water and cook for 11 mins. Once done, drain the noodles and rinse under cold water and set aside.
Now all you need to do is combine the ingredients: noodles in bowl, won tons on top and ladel in the broth to create below. Sprinkle on the green onions and my fave Sriracha hot sauce and voila – good to go!

Hubby’s bowl with noodles (he ate 3 bowls yesterday! haha)

My bowl sans noodles =)
If this didn’t win me a Best Wife Award, maybe the waffles I made him earlier in the day would cinch the deal. hehee.

Bon Apetit! =)


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  1. ahhhhhh…wow! it looks soooo good mel. i tried this before but the wontons kept on opening when it was being cooked ugh. it turned out meat and wonton skins soup lol.

  2. Wow =) I’m sure Billy’s going to love this. Can’t wait to make it!

  3. aww.. becky! haha.. just the image of it is funny tho.. yeah u need to make sure to pinch the middle =D hopefully 2nd time’s the charm!

    @kkkkatie haha, let me know how Billy likes it! =D

  4. What a lucky man he is!!! Mmm I looove wonton! That looks amazing, with sriracha? Hell yes!

  5. The waffles look so yummy!♥
    I love wontons, my mum always has to make them for me!xD
    I can’t cook for my life!*lol

  6. haha.. sriracha’s the best! aww.. with practice, won tons are easy to make =)

  7. Ahh, so yummy looking! I love wontons, even more than dumplings. I fold them slightly differently and my mom makes the best ones with pork + chives. My mouth is watering thinking about them…delicious, with vinegar =)

  8. Hi hUn! ohhh *drools* looks so GOOD!! can you come over and cook for me too! hehe XD thx for sharing your recipe!!

    your Hubby is very lucky to have a wife like you!! ^0^

  9. GAHHHHH! Won Ton soup! Sriacha hot sauce! WAFFLES!

    Will you marry me? I do all the cooking at my house 😉

  10. haha. thx girls! yeah i do the cooking in the house too.. blah.. i like it only when it doesnt’ feel like a chore. =P

  11. aaaah your won tons look deliciouuuus! i usually do dumplings at home like once a year -____- takes way too long. how can you do that alone in one day lol

    your hubby will stay with you happily cuz yuo keep his tummy tamed

  12. I love won ton noodle soup too! Yum…and those waffles look way delish…. 🙂

  13. oohh looks yummy 😀 wontons we make at my work are frickin HUGE! lol XD

  14. haha.. that’s only if i don’t get lazy and i do have my moments where i don’t feel like doing anything at all. =P

  15. mm yummy yummy!! those waffles look HUGE!!

  16. yummie!!!!! i want to try to make this! what a good wifee!!

  17. haha.. must be the angle.. they are regular-sized waffles.. mm… even better the next day! =D

  18. Great receipe! WonTon soup is like one of the best comfort foods! Well after Pho! LOL!

    And dang them waffles look good! Mel you can come cook for me anytime!

  19. Your Won Ton’s look scrumptious!!

    I havent’ tried making Won Ton’s with beef, as I normally use pork and shrimps- must try your recipe!!

    Oh, and the site of your waffles are making me hungry 🙂

  20. hehe.. thx! yeah my mom makes it with beef all the time.. never thought it was out of the ordinary.. hehe.

  21. Looks delish! I love me some wonton soup. Thanks for the recipe!

  22. Mmmm this entry made me super hungry. Won ton soup sounds really good right now! I’ll have to try this one day. I think I’d be worried that the won tons wouldn’t stay closed during cooking haha.

    And yes you deserve the Best Wife Award. Yummy waffles!!

  23. yummmmmmmm! i vote you for best wife 😀 hands down!