Whit’s swap, mini haul & award!

I just received Whit‘s swap package yesterday and boy when she said she was sending me samples, she sent me SAMPLES! There were lots to choose from for sure. I did ask for a few MAC products from her sale that she included as well as samples from Cosmedicine to try out.

Thanks Whit! I can’t wait to try them all!

Then a few weeks ago, I got a message from Jeremy from Say Yes to Carrots who saw my post of them and was generous to send some of the Cucumber and Aloe products as a thank you. That was too sweet! I definitely was touched bc everything I’ve said was from my honest opinion and never expected to get anything out of it. So thank you Jeremy!

Now for my mini haul, I purchased two things from Caudalie during their last sale both from watching Fuz’s shopaholic videos. haha.

So far I’m loving both of them and a further review will be posted for both.

Lastly, while I was waiting for my Bon chon chicken to be cooked and ready, I headed over to the Amore that Fuz mentioned was also in Annandale. She mentioned they had Laneige products which I wanted to try out their skin care line. I went in and the lady greeted me and asked me if I wanted to do a skin diagnostic test so I said sure why not. First she asked me a few questions then tested out my right cheek and the test results came up saying I was really dry. I was definitely puzzled bc I don’t feel dry on my cheeks and I’ve always had combo skin. Also could it be my MAC studio fix powder foundation? Are you supposed to test with or without makeup? I definitely was questioning her a bit. So she tried again, but this time on my left cheek and the result came back with alot higher result of moisture. Ok??
Then I asked her what products would be good for me and that I was only looking for a moisturizer and she gave me the Balance Emulsion plus alot of samples as well as a free bag and a product card to get points. After I paid for the moisturizer, I picked up my chicken and headed back to the office. I started looking through my bag and realized that she gave me the moisturizer for dry skin, not combo. Sigh, I was chatting with Fuz a little bit irritated at that point and she mentioned that as long as it wasn’t for oily skin, I should be ok. That eased my mind a little and I was convinced that the lady didn’t really know what she was talking about especially when I looked at her skin and it didn’t look like it faired any better.

Oh well, it’s the closest place to me without having to buy Laneige products online so I will suck it up and go there when the need arise.
On happier note, I was nominated by Annie for the Adorable Blog award.. aww.. thank you girl! I’m actually heading out to Pittsburgh this weekend and writing a quick blog before I go so I’m going to nominate Annie back as well as Lily (love her artwork!), Eki (always cute pics on there) and Jinah (always so energetic and true to herself)

My Imomoko haul just came in but I’ll have to wait till I come back from Pittsburgh to make either a video or post on that one as well as a post on my Miami trip. See you girls when I get back!! =)


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  1. great swap and haul! i didn’t know there was an amore store in annandale! where!? and everyone’s been raving about bon chon…is it really THAT good?

  2. wow! that really IS alot of samples!! haha love tha haul too! =D

  3. nice Laneige haul. oh, Whitz swap is soo huge. haha xD
    have fun!

  4. oooo imomoko haul 😀 can’t wait!

    man that SA at amore.. seems.. really.. hahaha. HMMM is all i have to say about that.

    woooooah whit PACKS! love it! 🙂

  5. Whit is so generous right?! SHe hooked you up! Have fun with everything! Can’t wait to see some looks from you with all those colors!

    I just bought my first YTC Body Butter, review to come! LOL! SO far so good though! How cool is it that they sent you stuff to try out!

    And the Amore lady was prob confused! LOL! BUt at least she hooked you up with lots of samples!

  6. i can’t wait to try the yes to carrots products when i get back to canada. i wonder how the yes to cucumbers will work out.
    booo to the sa who didn’t know what she was doing. i hate that..

  7. holy swappage goodness

  8. wow whit did send u a lot of samples. its pretty cool! Ive been wanting to try Say Yes to Carrots since i hear so many great things about it.

    oh and bon chon chicken is so delicious. they make me happy 🙂

  9. tell us how the moisturizer goes! Theres no amore stores near me so I can’t even look at the products in person 🙁

  10. That is what I would call SAMPLES! Excellent!

  11. Those tests are to be done without make up, lol most places offer to take it off for you or with a wipe in a certain spot =(

    Laneige is pretty good, hope the moisturizer is good. I love their toners =)

    YAY for BON CHON! =D

  12. Wooo hooooo so many goodies!! The swap was huge, hahaha. Yay Caudalie! I’m glad you took advantage of the sale.. I didn’t get anything, but I suppose that’s good. Haha. Can’t wait to hang out this week!

  13. then yes the lady does not know what she’s doing.. hm.. yay for bon chon!!! and whit totally outdid herself with the samples! =D

  14. I’m curious about the Laneige stuff! I wanted to try it out for the longesr time!^^

  15. Awww, thanks babe! xoxo

  16. i had bonchon and brought some laneige today. can i get any better? lol

  17. mel- i feel bad- i should have sent you more FULL SIZED products 🙁
    Please let me know what you are lemming sweetie!

  18. hey girl! don’t worry about it! there were lots of samples to equal a whole.. hehe.. love them. =)