Stephanie & Ray’s Engagement Session

So before I took my Vegas trip, I offered to do my friend Stephanie’s e-session the day before. I also did her makeup and was going to do her hair, but she had it curled before I got there. This was good since it gave me more time to do her makeup. My sister called me a one-woman show: makeup/hair/photographer which I suppose I am, haha.

So Stephanie usually doesn’t wear alot of makeup and being in photographs, you need to put on alot more than normal for it to even show up at all. I forgot to take the before pics so I took some from her FB to give you an idea. It was also my first time putting on individual lashes. I must say she could not stop looking at herself in the mirror. haha.. mission accomplished. =P


This is the first e-session I’ve done so I was a bit nervous how they would turn out. I only finished processing half the photos last night so here’s a sneak peak of how the day went. =)

We went to Annapolis for the shoot bc it’s just gorgeous with the water scene and since it was nice and windy.. haha.. I didn’t have to bring my fan.. j/k =P They were such a fun and happy couple – always laughing so it was definitely not hard to catch them in their natural surroundings. haha. The camera just loves them. =) I haven’t showed them the pics yet since I need to finish them tonight but I hope they won’t be disappointed!! =)


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  1. they look lovely =) You are very talented!

  2. Wow you did such a great job Mel! When I get married I am officially booking my make up with you! 🙂

  3. You did an amazing job!^^ I love the make up, she looks really elegant!

  4. Very nice 🙂

  5. thx girls.. =) omg Nu, u can totally do ur own but thx to include me.. haha.

  6. i love the last pic!

  7. Oh my gosh, those pics are so gorgeous!

  8. Aw you did a great job! And the photos look so natural and perfect. My fave kinds of shoots, hehehee. They must love the outcome so much! :]

  9. very well done! the makeup looks great, and the pics are awesome! love love the pics esp. the last one. 🙂

  10. you are soo pro mel!! love the look~ xoxo

  11. If I were her I wouldn’t stop looking at myself either! Lol, great job!

  12. awwww looks so great~ the last pic is gorgeous =)

  13. great job! she looks beautiful :]

  14. Wow Mel! Great job! She really looks different! I’d stare at myself all day too! I mean she was cute before, but AFTER.. RAWR!!

    ANd the photos came out so beautiful! SO cute the Ice Cream one! 🙂

  15. Hi Mel! This is really the sweetest thing ever! Aw, love <3

    I wish I could have come to the NYC meet-up, seems like it was so fun! Just moved, though and job-searching right now~ Beautiful job- this post just brightened my day 😀 -Gia

  16. aww.. thx everyone! hehe.. just sent it to her.. so hopefully she’ll like them =D

  17. Awww super sweet! You did a great job! She is lucky to have a friend like you to help her out.

  18. wow…pics r amazing n makeup too..especially the last one.!!

  19. aww.. thank u thank u! =)

  20. aww these pics make me wanna cry- how gorgeous!!