NYC Beauty Blogger Part Deux Update

A few of us went to karaoke the night before the meetup and didn’t open up to everyone since I wasn’t sure how many would be there and not everyone likes karaoke.. haha. The main meetup was for Sunday at Golden Bridge Restaurant for some yummy dim sum and it was definitely easier to talk to everyone without shouting through the loud music. haha.

Karaoke at Maru
Billy, Katie, T’s cousin, T, Jinah, me and Fuz

OMG! I’m so glad Katie took me here bc Bon Chon chicken was TDF!!! My mouth is just watering thinking about it again. mmmmm. The bartenders there were so nice too! They gave us drinks while we waited for the wings but since I don’t drink, I gave mine to Katie’s bf. =D Also, I found out from Fuz that there’s one right in our backyard!! haha.. well Annandale, VA is technically 20 miles from my work and yes I drove there for lunch today to pick up a large.
FYI: Don’t touch your eyes after eating the spicy wings. Even after washing hand with soap, my eyes stung a bit after taking my contacts out. Oh and also don’t eat the wings while driving bc I had to wait awhile to get back for waterrrrr.. hahah.
The ladies at dim sum!

Lily was such a sweetheart and made everyone mini decorative cheesecake creations!! It was yumm!! So yum, Mona took 2 more with her and wanted to marry Lily! haha. AND she has the most longest natural lashes I’ve ever seen on an Asian person which also makes Mona want to have kids with her. haha.. sigh.. that girl’s too funny!

Mona not waiting to finish her dim sum and just went for the cheesecake. haha.
We head to Soho to do a little shopping. Mona insisted we had to take pics at the MAC counter.

I purchased my Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask from watching Queenie’s vid. haha. I did use it when I came home and will do a review on this for sure. =P

Then we went to Sabon which I’ve never been. It looked like a more upscale Lush and IMO definitely better. I don’t like Lush just bc the scent is overwhelming to me but products at Sabon, I can definitely do. Not to mention that we get a mini spa ritual by washing our hands in their scrub and lotion – both scent and the experience was heavenly. haha. I had to get it! My hands never felt this smooth. =P I also got the mini bar soap in Kiwi Mango – omg, so goooood! This one will be for hubby. hehe.

It was getting a bit hot, so we had to stop off at Pinkberry’s =)
Ok seriously, Melanie is a pretty common name, but why on earth do I get it misspelled?! I had Melony, Melany and now Meloni. Sigh. Just bc I’m asian, doesn’t mean I would spell it any other way! If all fails, please stick to the common way of the spelling. haha.
Me and Lynnie
Jenn and Mona

Annie and Lily

Group shot!
This was so much fun and I wish I could meet many more of you ladies! haha. You are all too sweet and I just love these events. I know Fuz was definitely bummed for missing out so she will want to host the next one for sure! haha. Until next time, ladies!! *muah*!


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  1. it was so great to meet u mel!! i can’t wait to meetup next time im in DC. 🙂

  2. Aw I’m still super bummed!! :[ My pastry!! My ladies!! My pinkberry!!! D:

  3. yes.. let’s do that! haha.. fuz, i think mona took ur pastry home! haha.

  4. Nice pictures of the meetup! 😉

  5. Cute ladies, yummy food, and wonderful pics!!


  6. hehe.. it was so much fun.. can’t wait till next time. =)

  7. MEL!!! Hi!! Guess who this is?? It’s orange ! I just add u to my blogroll

    Awww you ladies went to all my favorite spots in the city. I love dim sum n pinkberry!! U look great btw and i love ur top with the ruffles on it : )

  8. It was so great meeting ya’ll! Can’t wait for next time ^_~

  9. aww.. thx girl! haha.. we had too much fun as always. =)

  10. How fun!! You guys all looked great! LOL! Poor thing with the wings! LOL! And those cheesecakes look fabulous! So much work & detail!!

  11. I just checked out your blog and I just want you to know you that you have some kind of twitter hack thing. This popup came up and asked me for my twitter name and password. So a quick heads up.

  12. beautiful ladies, yummy food, and lovely pics. the scrub looks good, i wanna try;)

  13. Sounds like a fun day.

  14. starnostar7 – hehe.. it’s not spam or anything – it’s bc i have my twitter on private and it’ll ask that everytime the web is on.. yeah kinda annoying.

    thx girls! i had so much fun.. counting the days till the next one.

  15. pinkberry!! CUPCAKES!! they are sooooo cute.. i wanna try this chicken placeee 🙁

  16. time..!!
    those cup cakes luks delicious..!! 🙂

  17. arghghghghgh T-T I so wanted to go! Sorry I didn’t call you Mel =’/ It was my moving day and I was like “ugh, so want to go eat dim sum with beautiful girls instead of sweating like Santa Claus (cry)” Invite me to the next one! I really want to meet other beauty gurus >_< you all look so lovely!

  18. aww.. no worry girl! yeah figured you’d be busy with that.. haha.. def next time. =)