Mona’s Sweet Package & 20 Questions Tag!

I was so excited to get Mona’s package, bc I have been waiting for her lovely jewelry since the last time she made me the necklace, which I love!

It’s so purrrrty!

I also mentioned that I love the bracelet that she made earlier but I was too late and it sold out. Being the sweetheart that she is, Mona was able to get more materials and made it for me as my early bday present!! She really didn’t need to do that and I was beyond touched! Seeing that I’m going to miss her while she’s away galloping overseas, traveling to her heart’s content, I’ll have the bracelet to know that she’s nearby. =)

The bracelet is just gorgeous and delicate! I love it! Also alot of bracelets are usually too big on me that I can just pull the bracelet through my hand without unclasping. Not this one. It was true to size and I love it! =D Thanks babe!
Now Miss Nu tagged me with 20 questions so here goes =)
1. Things you cannot leave the house without: cell phone, camera, lip balm, keys and wallet!

2. Favourite brand of Make Up: MAC, MUFE, Urban Decay, NARS and the list goes on.

3. Favourite flower: Orchids (Phaleopnopsis)

4. Favourite clothing store: F21 for fashion items such as tops, jewelries (bc fashion changes all the time, it’s inexpensive enough to know that I’m not spending a fortune & can still change with time). Work pants – Express; Jeans – Nordstrom Rack; I really shop anywhere I can find great deals on =)
5. Favourite perfume: Lancome Miracle – 1st perfume; Noa by Cacharel and latest Kenzo Amour perfume
6. Heels or Flats: both
7. Do you make good grades: yes if I’m interested in the class =D
8. Favourite colours: all colors of the rainbow

9. Do you drink energy drinks: nope, I have enough energy for two people with no need for energy drinks or alcohol. =P

10. Do you drink juice: sometimes grapefruit juice but rare occassions

11. Do you like swimming: i don’t know how =P

12. Do you eat fries with a fork: nope
13. Favourite moisturiser: Body – yes to carrots moisturizer, h20 milk lotion. Face – varieesssss
14. Do you want to get married later on in life: haha, most definitely =) happily married since june 21st of last year =) it’s american tradition to save the top of the cake and keep it for to eat on ur one yr anniversary. so we defrosted our cake this past sunday and took one bite of it. haha. hubby doesn’t want to get sick from year-old cake. =P
15. Do you get mad easily: hmm.. i have alot of patience, but I can get mad easily if that someone (ahem.. hubby) knows how to push my buttons. haha.

16. Are you into ghost hunting: haha, hell no
17. Any phobias – apparently i have Trypophobia (fear of tiny clusters together like insects (*shudder)) but not to that much of an extreme

18. Do you bite your nails: nope

19. Have you ever had a near death experience: I almost died when I was a baby. =P My mom said I was really sick and vomitting as we were making our way to Indonesia to find a better life. I wouldn’t eat or anything and she wasn’t sure I would make it. But I’m here. haha. To think that there would be a possibility that I wouldn’t be here blogging for you girls, would you be devastated!? haha, i kid. ahh, life can be so unpredictable sometimes.

20. Do you drink coffee – Once a week when I need a pick me up – mmm.. SB White Choco Mocha.
If anyone wants to do this tag, please feel free. =)


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  1. What cute earrings!! You can never have too much jewelry… hehehe.

  2. Awww the bracelet with the dove is soo adorable!♥

  3. the jewelry is sooo pretty!! thats crazy that u almost died when u were a baby. My mom told me i almost died too coz i choked on a big ice cube and i turned bluish/purple color ha! good thing were still here lol.

  4. love the bracelets! esp the last one with the red heart! and i love orchids too, my grandma has a whole garden of them!

  5. I don’t know how to swim either!

  6. Such a cute girly stuffies!

  7. We would definitely be devastasted Mel! Thanks Mel’s Mom! haha! This blog is just all part of your purpose you know….we all have a purpose…You and Fuz definitely inspire! And I am glad to have met ya!

    Aww was that all mushy…hahaha….

    On another note…I love NOA!!!!

  8. haha.. yes i’m loving the jewelries! cannot have enough! aww.. i’m happy to be blogging for u girls =D

  9. prilly jewelry!! and great survey. i love orchids, too! 🙂

  10. Ah, pretty jewelries!

  11. cute earrings and bracelet! haha thank goodness you survived, what would we do w/out your beauty blog and youtube videos 🙂 It was great to getting to know you through beauty blogs Mel 😀

  12. the babies stories our mothers tell us are freaking scary! but you’re healthy now thank god

    yay! the jewels finally got to you. sorry for taking so damn long on my end!

  13. Gorgeousssssssssss Piece!!
    I bought the same one from M for my Mama for Mother’s Day!

    and I’m with Steph — don’t feel bad – I can’t swim either! DOH!

    Im dying to see more the Mel photographer!! and more of your recipe entries too! I loved your spring roll one woman!

  14. Happily married since June 21?! Congrats!! LOL! I thought you were already married! LOL!

    M’s stuff looks great on yoU!!

    And lip balm and cell phone are def must have on me!

  15. no worries M! I have it now! hehe.. and loving them! aww.. i’ll need to post my miami one then.. i have been neglecting on the recipe post too.. haha.. i’ll get on it KT! happily married since last year 6/21, wuz =D

  16. Yes To Carrots! We are so happy you love our moisturizer!!! Thanks for mentioning us on your blog.

    The Carrot Team

  17. aww! i love mona’s stuff 😀 so purdy!

    i looooooove white choco mochas!

    what the–one year old cake? huh?