Meet & Bon Chon!

Fuz was too happy to be done with traveling to Harrisburg each week so she put together a little meetup yesterday with two other ladies, Cindy & Effie. =) We met up at The Amore in Annandale before they closed and then headed over to Bon Chon. Of course, let me start off with some food porn before we get to the rest of the entry. haha.

I’m not sure if you all knew this, but I think I may be a little obsessed with Bon Chon – maybe a tad. I mean driving 20 miles each way for lunch just to pick up some yummy korean chicken wings is a bit off and then doing that twice in one week within a day of each other is a bit crazy too. haha. Don’t judge! =P After looking at the pics below, can you really blame me? Can you?! haha. Cindy and I ordered the large while Fuz ordered a medium to take home.. mmm.. Effie ordered the rice cake with fishcakes.. mmm.. just as good. I was so gungho on the chicken wings that I didn’t realize they make other dishes as well.. haha.

So I took a pic of Fuz enjoying her wings and she didn’t like it. I thought she wanted me to take a normal one and this second pic was what came of it. hahaa.. sooo not normal. I wanted to take a pic of Cindy too enjoying hers but that was a no-go on her part. haha.

So good that it’s gone!
Ok, sigh, now that I got the food porn out of the way, onto the haul. haha. Cindy was a darling and got each of us SpaRitual nail polish, which is vegan btw (love!) and Queen Bee lipglass (aww!) That was the color I had ordered as well from the sale so now I have two! haha. I may just send the other one back.
Then my night time skincare. I got the Laneige whitening sample box as a gift with purchase of Iope moisturizing cream. The gift box comes with two other samples of moisturizing serum and moisturing cream. I’ve never heard of Iope, but needed something to replace my night time moisturizer. From what the lady told Fuz, this also had whitening agents in it as well.

I can’t wait to try them all but seriously, I’m done purchasing skincare products for awhile. I need to finish what I have on hand bc then it’d be a waste. hehe. Also I think we were too busy getting out to head to Bon Chon then the waiter took forever to get our check that we forgot to take a group pic. Ah well, it was definitely fun, girls! Hopefully there’ll be a next time. =)


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  1. Wow more skincare and bonchon =)

    I just got my first iope product on Sunday. I just got the facial cleanser for troubled skin-so far I like it, I might have to try the rest of the line

  2. haha.. mm.. bon chon!

  3. mMMM those wings look so yummy!!!!

  4. the food looks supppper dupppper yummy! wish we had that here

  5. aw, sounds like fun! man i have tons of skincare too now hahaha. need to slowwww down on purchases..

  6. Ok, just added two things to my to-do list: 1) try Bon Chon, 2) hunt down the Amore store.

  7. hmm wings!!!

  8. The food looks so yummy, it’s making me hungry on this side of the world!

  9. those chicken look so delicious from the way fuz chewing her bon chon!!

  10. haha.. oh it was goood! mmm.. now i miss bon chon again.. haha.. may need to head down there again! =D

  11. It was delicious and I should have sent the spicy chicken home with you Mel because my mouth was on a 5 alarm fire! Sorry I did not let you take the pic of me diggin in but next time I will not be as shy about it!

    Thanks for the gift again! I am loving it!

    Take care and keep in touch!

  12. I have always LOVED dukbokki but I recently discovered Korean chicken wings and MAN are they yum!

  13. LOL! More hauling?! But I notice that skincare can go fast! Only cuz you use it more them MU.

    Ain’t no thang but a chicken wang!! Dang! That is how to eat some chicken! 🙂

  14. LOL! That is NORMAL! What’s not normal about it?! 😛 I made the wing look 10x more delicious, 😛 Hahahahaa.

    I think we ate too much of Effie’s food, ahahaha.

  15. WOW – those wings look amazing!

  16. hhaha.. whatever you say fuz.. =P nah, that is how i eat mine all the time too! haha

  17. i heard that iope’s supposed to be better than the laneige line – either way, hope you get some good results from those items, whenever you get to use them 🙂

  18. The wings look good. They have a location on the West coast in LA, but the BF said he wouldn’t bring me there cuz Koreatown is in the “ghetto”. Someone correct him please!

  19. Those drummies lok so good!

  20. oh nice.. can’t wait to get some results on iope then.. haha.. edna, maybe you should have him take a look at the wing pics! that hopefully should change his mind. =D bon chon wings are always yummy!!

  21. Yummy… the wings look sooooo delicious! My mouth is watering, hehe… :p

  22. OMG! That chicken!

    Glad to see that Fuz enjoys her food, lol!

    Great haul too!

  23. Omgah those chicken wings look sooo yummy. I love Korean chicken wings!!

  24. That’s a CRAZY amount of chicken!