Loose Messy Updo w/ Silver & Black Makeup

It’s been awhile since I’ve uploaded a tutorial with all the traveling the past few weeks. This is the look I had to recreate from my Vegas trip bc the files I transferred to my laptop did not transfer well and I had already deleted the videos from my card to save space. Sigh, oh well. Hope you enjoy!


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  1. on a posting spree today! 🙂

    this is a great look!! I’m gonna have to try it out!

  2. purrrrty =)

  3. Awe! I already saw this tutorial on You tube and you know, I like it so much! I pretty like when you doing an eye make up with a hair style combine! Great!

  4. Beautiful! I love your loose do. I’m so bad at doing my own hair..haha

  5. all it takes is practice =) oh yeah? i’ll keep in mind with the hair/makeup combo, but then i wont’ be able to talk in it bc the vid gets really long! =D

  6. super pretty 😀 I like the makeup but I love how the hair looks! I don’t really like to spend time on doing hair lol xD

  7. love this look :]

  8. haha.. yep.. super simple and easy =)

  9. I love love love your hair! It’s so intentionally sexy! That smoky eye look great on you too!

  10. haha.. thx Tao! =)

  11. thanks!! been enjoying your haul videos lately =)

  12. lovely~ You make it look so easy! 🙂

  13. love!

  14. I love the hair!! I tried to do it, but I think I grabbed too much hair, and my bobby pins popped out. Hahah.