Las Vegas/Grand Canyon 2009

This is my third time to Las Vegas and I never get tired – never. In fact, I miss it already while waiting at the airport for our flight back. haha. Anyways there was much planned for the four days we were there – Grand Canyon, outlets, dinner and a show, chinatown and of course In ‘N Out burger. =P

We stayed one night at Wynn and 2 nights at Encore, bc we both have never stayed there and wanted to try both. The two hotels are connected thru a hallway so it wasn’t a hassle at all to move our stuff. If you go to slickdeals and type in what you want to look for, you can find good deals on there that ppl post right away. This was where hubby was able to find both rooms for $109 per night – not too shabby at a 5 star hotel. I definitely prefer Encore over Wynn any day but who wouldn’t. The suites were over 700 sq ft and everything was so modern and new. haha. love it!

We went to two outlets – one 20 miles away but took us forever bc we hit traffic from ppl driving back to LA. I should’ve checked the outlet stores first bc I prob wouldn’t have gone there again. The best thing out of it was I was able to find the 219 brush and Love Nectar lipglass there so I guess all is good. The second store, I picked up 2 eyeshadows (Tete a Tint & Signed Sealed) and 2 lippies (1N & 3N). Sorry Nu! I didn’t see any 2N’s there. =/

chillin under the shade at the Wynn pool. haha.

Got dolled up for dinner and caught Mystere later

I did my hair and makeup tutorial in the Encore bathroom but when I transferred it over to my laptop, it didn’t transfer and I deleted the files on the card to save some space. Sob =/ Ah well, guess I have to recreate it again, but at least I was able to save the intro. haha.

We dined at Daniel Boulard’s restaurant at Wynn and I completely forgot that I ate at the same restaurant in NYC when my friend took me there. =P
Next day, we headed over to the Grand Canyon north side. Hubby was having so much fun that I practically dragged him to go with me to the canyon. haha. It estimated a 6 hr drive but we got there a little over 4 hrs – not too bad. He was glad he went though bc it was definitely an experience we didn’t want to miss. The drive to and from was just as gorgeous!

I asked hubby to pose. haha. isn’t he fierce?!

Just gorgeous!
I am so ready to go back! haha. We did find “chinatown” and got some chinese eats and boba drinks. Then finished off the day with carryout from there as well as In ‘n Out. haha. Definitely a great trip altogether. =)


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  1. god, i love vegas! all the pics makes me want to go! it’s been years!!!

  2. Aww looks like such a fun trip! You make me want to go to Vegas too 🙂
    Yay hubby’s appearance on your blog!!!

  3. Wow it looks like you two had some fun!!! Your hubby looks like a sweet man! 🙂 I love your hair and that black dress… Girl, you’re smoking! haha Where is that dress from?! And omg it’s ok, Ive found replacements for 2N=Creme D’Nude w/ Hue on top w/ Underage gloss. haha 🙂 3N looks gorgeous though, I must look for that one when I stop at my CCO! <3 Thanks for thinking of me though!

  4. Love the pics!

    You and your hubby are both fierce!

    I want to go back to Vegas. Last time was for work so it was kinda blah.

  5. awesome photos!

  6. Great pics!

    Looks like you guys had fun. Your hubby kind of reminds me of my bro.

  7. oohhhh me LUVZZZ vegas!!! the hotel looks beautiful. a few months ago i got an offer for 2 free nights at the wynn and i didnt have time to go out there. 🙁

    u look beautiful in the black dress and the food looks delicious!

  8. cco! nice 🙂 i love your pictures, very pretty! especially the hotel pics, wowww.

  9. i love your photography!
    looks like u had lots of fun!

  10. I’m actually going to Vegas in about a month! I’m even more excited after reading your post. I would love to go to the GC, but I’m not sure if we’ll have time. 🙁 Great pics!!

  11. i really want to go to vegas! wow $109 a night is brilliant. i stayed at a hotel in nyc for $110 a night and it ain’t 5 stars

  12. great shots and haul! you look gorgeous! did u like mystere?

  13. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  14. You are such a great photographer Mel! And looking very sexy in that pic of you in the little black dress =)

  15. Love Vegas!! Whooot!! It’s called Hawaii’s 9th island since soo many locals travel there!! LOL!!

    Wow the suite looks beautiful!! ANd so do you!! Great pics and great haul buy!! You and hubby are both fierce!! 🙂

  16. aww.. thx everyone! we did like mystere and def love to go back for sure! muahah.. and yes hubby finally made his debut. haha.

  17. Hey, so pretty and so beautifull pics!

    Awe! AND glasses of your car sooo clean!!! Our car is also clean, but when I try to record something through the glass it looks draggle

  18. at LV..
    ur pics luk amazing..must admire ur photographic-skills..!! 🙂

  19. aww, fun trip. oh, u look so fresh in the pictures. have fun!

  20. thank u girls! haha.. guess i should thank enterprise for having clean glasses.. hehe.

  21. I love Vegas!! Looks like such a fun trip.

  22. seems like such a fun time !! awesome pics 🙂

  23. Jamal and I did the same trip a few years ago and we loved it!!
    Great pics, and yes, the outlet shopping there is very respectable, lol!

  24. awww..this is just so nice and romantic. you look gorgeous too Mel.

  25. thx girls! had such a great time and can’t wait to go back! =D

  26. Mmm…the food looks so good. And you look really elegant in your dress!

  27. Wow the scenery is greatt. Beautiful and breathtaking. You should have included a pic where both of you were in the shot!! Your outting outfit was really nice. Great style.

  28. How fun!!!! That’s the first time I see Tim! xD Hi Tim!!! 😛 You looked beautiful in that dress!

  29. aww.. thank u!! haha.. yes tim finally made an appearance. hehe =P

  30. Your blog is adorable, therefore I nominated you for “The Adorable Blog” award!

  31. Omg, that looks like an amazing trip! Vegas never gets boring, huh? Hehe. I’ve only been there once but we might be going again before the end of the year. Fun!

    I love your pics. You are looking as pretty as ever, & yes your hubby is pretty fierce too haha.

  32. Hi Hun!

    beautiful gorgeous photography I love the second photo alot!! looks like you had lots of fun ^___^

    I wish I could visit the grand canyon someday too!

  33. Omg, the place and the food looks amazing!!

  34. aww.. haha.. thank u girls!! =)

  35. this post reminds me of that fergie song “flying first classs” lol- you two know how to live it up in vegas!!! so much fun!!