Clinique’s Bamboo Pink Collection

I’m usually not a Clinique fan but I couldn’t help but eye that Fresh Bloom blush in a nice sleek silver compact. Very lovely indeed. I also love anything Asian-inspired. hehe. Would you girls go for the collection?


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  1. The collection looks so tempting. The colors are everything I would go for. I’m not a cinique person either, buuuuuut…. maybe…. esp. if there is gift with purchase! hahahahahaha!

  2. I have the Fresh Bloom Allover Color in Posey, and I really LOVE it!

    Bamboo Pink is in deed sooo pretty… I’m quite intrigued by it, hehe! 😉

  3. The collection looks really pretty…especially that eye palette. I’ll go check it out :D.

  4. i dont know girls.. it’s def very tempting! hehe.

  5. Ooh, that packaging is so pretty… 🙂

  6. Very pretty!

  7. Clinique is one of the very first brands I started using MU with. I’ve never been really dissapointed with their products.

    I used to LOVE the Different Lipstick in Bamboo Pink! I swear it looks good on everyone. This is a new formula, so hrm… maybe I should go down & check it out!

  8. The blush looks very pretty!..I would totally get it, if I didn’t have so many blushes already!! LOL

  9. haha. so true.. i have alot of blushes already as well.. let me know what you think of them wuz!

  10. that e/s guad looksperfect! very cute shadows!

  11. wow the packaging is beautiful. Its not the typical boring green.

  12. The brush looks pretty sophisticated in fact the blusher looks quite tempting too LOL!

    Mind you I haven’t had too good of an experience with Clinique’s eyeshadows though.

  13. Ooo pretty! The blush palette looks really tempting..haha.

  14. haha.. yeah the packaging has gotten better.. def much more appealing than their green.. blech.. =P

  15. The blush looks cute! But I’m not sure about the bamboo packaging on the lipstick and brush…

  16. i like the blush! i hate how the packaging is SILVER THO! they couldve made it a real looking bamboo-like! haha

  17. Ooh this little collection appeals to me. I love the bamboo theme. And I love Clinique!