60 Random Things in My Room Tag

Just a little insight to my personality. =)

I tag anyone who wants to do one. =D


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  1. THis was cute Mel!! That perfume bottle was pretty! LOL! At you painting Mona Lisa! Haha… Sex & The City! All that Pucca love!! ANd Twilight! LOL!

    This must have taken you a long time to edit! Haha Big MilkDuds fan there!

  2. tooo cute!! Great choice of soundtrack~ I love this video!!!

  3. hhaa.. thx girls.. yes it took forever to edit. =P

  4. I love your video…..so interesting to watch…..

  5. I see twiliiight!*.*

  6. I was thinking about doing this but I cringed when I thought about how I have to clean up after the video, hahaha

  7. haha.. yes twilight!! i kno fuz! i had to clean up afterwards.. =P i figure i’d do it yesterday and get it over with which is why the lighting got darker and darker since i kept stopping trying to find other stuff for the video. haha.

  8. ehehe awesome stuff!! so girly ^^