Tysons Corner Meet & Greet

I was counting the days to the meet & greet when Aubrey and the rest announced it a month ago. I had so much fun finally seeing the person behind the videos as well as meeting so many girls who watch the videos. They were all so nice and down to earth! Definitely hope we can do this again. Here are photos taken from Aubrey’s camera.

Waiting in front of Sephora for a few others.
Getting starbucks to start out the day.

haha.. posing at sephora is a must =)
(from left to right) Nat, Tasha, me and Aubrey
Waiting at CPK to get in.
While we were waiting, Jenn from Cibu gave us goodies! That was so nice of her.

I can’t wait to try the root booster and she gave us a sleeve for our flat-irons to put in which I already put it to good use.

as well as the Sake To Me shampoo. The scent on this one was heavenly! Jenn’s the PR person for the company and she actually writes the information on the back of the bottle.. Pretty neat. I was wondering who actually comes up with the stuff cause they were always so fun to read. haha.
More group photos

A few of us also went to the MAC store afterwards and stayed there for awhile – maybe too long. I was tempted to get a whole bunch but I didn’t and only got a few. Since my makeup diet is so close to the end and it’s a special event, I allowed myself a few things. I gave my sister my empty quad so I got one to replace and also picked up a Dame blush to complete my blush palette as well as Moon’s Reflection and Scene e/s.

I think I did pretty good there.

Overall the day was fantastic and I’m so glad Aubrey, Nat, Lisa and Jennifer were able to put this together. It was so great meeting these girls and I definitely hope we can do this again.

And here’s a video from Aubrey to document the day


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  1. Thank looked like so much FUN!! And you even had a vid for it!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. How fun !
    Great bloggers getting together .. I wish I could do the same =)

    I bet you had a lot of fun !
    You were very beautiful ^_^

  3. It was like our little shin dig in SF with FUZ. You all look like you had lots of fun.

  4. awww how cool! looks like u guys had fun 🙂

  5. awww what a big meetup!! how fun 🙂 🙂

  6. Aww the meet & greet looks like it was a lot of fun!!

  7. Looks like you all had oodles of fun! 🙂 I wish I could have been there. Ahh! I love scene e/s, it’s the best for blending out the edges for a smokey eye. One of my fave eyeshadows ever! 🙂

  8. looks like you guys had so much fun! and everyone looks lovely, of course. yay for free goodies, too 🙂

  9. Aww, looks like you guys had so much fun! 😀

  10. Aww looks like you ladies had a lot of fun! I wish I could’ve been there to meet you all, but my sister graduated from college that day hehe. Let me know the next time you have a VA or East Coast meet & greet! 🙂

  11. aww looks like tons of fun! 😀

  12. aww Mel! the meet & greet looks sooo fun! 😛 and i LOVEEE your purse! i want to eventually get a chanel flap bag, but whenever i visit the site, I never see one like yours. It’s always too big and not as narrow as yours! Can you tell me the exact name of the purse? Thanks Mel!<3

  13. aww.. haha.. thx everyone! omg.. it was tons of fun and definitely hope we can do it again for sure..

  14. Such a great meet!
    Cool FOTD’s 😀

  15. You guys look all happy & smily in the pics!! Lots of fun I’m sure!! And wow there were quite a few of ya! All gorgeous of course! And how nice of Jen to hook you guys up!! Nice mini haul! LOL!

  16. haha.. thx A! yeah there were quite a bit of ppl which made it all the more fun.. hehe.. thx Wuz!

  17. that looks like a lot of fun! u know how i love meetups haha

  18. hahah is Aubrey! I love her videos so much.. How nice you can meet her in person. I guess she loves purple a lot.. i always seeing her wearing purple in videos… LoLz..

  19. haha.. yes meetups are so much fun!!

  20. meetups are always fun! wish we could do some east and westcoast meetup! LOL

    nice cibu goodies! i’ve been hearing so much about their products.

  21. awww how much funnnn!

  22. Gorgeous gurus!! 😀 Yay for Sephora…

  23. ~OOOO! Little Mermaid song in the video! HE HE Kiss kiss* ;p Bunch of lovely ladies! ~

  24. haha… so much fun.. and i heart disney movies and songs… haha.

  25. That looks really fun, it was so sweet of Jen to provide those goodies for you! and I love CPK, the pastas are delicious!