NYX 50% Sale!

If you haven’t heard already, 50% everything of NYX products. You can purchase at NYX website or at Cherryculture. I know there’s free shipping over $40 purchase for CC; not sure on NYX though.


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  1. Yayyyy for sales!!

  2. dang…I should have waited to buy all those lipsticks/lipglosses lol x_X

  3. YOu and Van are seriously trying to break me on my no MU buy! LOL!

  4. Hi babe~ Ive never tried NYX so I went crazy on CC and got me $80 worth of NYX! LOL XP

    I hope its good 😀
    thx for the info!

  5. darn it. why isn’t it international. I was considering getting the concealer pot.

  6. wow 50% off. now THAT’S incredible!

  7. lol i didnt even see your post till i already posted but NOPE NO FREE SHIPPING BOO HOO those weenies. i lovee your youtube vids!! i can’t do my hair…my arms just get too tired lol but i love the looks you do!!

  8. haha.. thx girlie! yeah nyx is not too bad.. this sale might be too good to pass up =)