NYC Blogger Meetup Part Deux!

So you all know by now that Fuz and I are planning another meetup in NYC the last weekend of May. My college friends usually like to hold get togethers every few years everywhere and anywhere and they’ve decided NJ/NY would be the location this year. It also turned out to be around the same time that Phoebe mentioned she was coming down from Toronto and Katie would be relocated from VA to NYC so I figured what better time to host a meetup than end of May! Fuz and I have been itching to go up again since the last time we were there and had such a blast.

So if anyone’s in the area, please let me know so I can add ya to the evite list. We will be meeting up for some dim sum, beauty talk and of course lots of laughs are mandatory. Don’t want to miss out? Then come meet up! =)

Hope to see you out there!




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  1. Yes!! Hope to see lotsa pple!

  2. hi! i would love to meet up with u guys. is mona coming?

  3. mona won’t know till end of this week whether or not she’ll make it .. so let’s keep our fingers cross that her plans change!! =D

  4. count me in – as long as train tickets stay on the friendly side =)

  5. Yay have fun girls! We want to see lots of pretty pictures afterwards!!!

  6. I wish I could go!! Have fun! 🙂

  7. Awwww… I wanna go!!!

  8. awww you NY girls have all the fun!!!

    But wait wait — when I roll out to Toronto, Canada again in October for a month, let’s plan another little meet up, I told M I wanted to meet her then too ^_^

  9. Oooh NYC! I’d love to go there again. It’s just a Chinatown busride away. =P

    BUUUT, I’m watching my sister in a ballroom dance competition that weekend. Dangit!

    Next time…