Maybelline Colossal vs. Cover Lash Blast FACE-OFF!

So I was at Target the other day to see if I can stock up on my Sonia Kashuk makeup remover when I saw this:

I’ve been waiting what seems like ages for Maybelline to come out with a waterproof mascara version of Colossal to try it out. Hallejuah, they listened to my beauty prayer. The best thing is that it was sold for $4.99! So you girls will forgive me if I took a mini step back on my diet to purchase this. I had to give it a try – it was just calling out to me! I also thought it would be fun to do a little face-off between Maybelline Colossal Volum Express mascara vs Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara – so here goes!


My tired eyes =)

One coat of mascara
Colossal on ur left; Lash Blast on ur right

Side view of Colossal
(forgot to take the other side=P)

2nd coat of mascara on top;

nothing on bottom

Colossal left; Lash Blast right

3rd coat of mascara

Colossal left; Lash Blash right
The verdict:
I think they both lengthen the same but CG Lash Blast thickens my lashes more, but only in the way of clumpiness. The tube of Colossal mascara is slimmer than Lash Blast which gives you a bit more room in your makeup bag =). I like the feel of the slimmer tube. I also like the wand better on the Colossal bc it was able to separate my lashes better and the opening of the tube allowed enough product on the brush while scraping back the leftovers.
I tend to like Maybelline’s mascaras formula bc it lengthens your lashes giving them a natural look and you can easily go over several coats without clumping. The Lash Blast does not separate and always clump so forget about applying several coats. You have to work fast on the Lash Blast in order to avoid that and I hate to rush to apply mascara. I find both smudges, but Lash Blast smudges a lot more than Colossal. The final test: I asked hubby which eye he’d prefer and at first he told me they both look the same (typical male response), but after a little more prodding, he liked the eye that had Colossal on it.
Overall, I have to say I’m loving my new waterproof Colossal mascara. It makes a difference with making my lashes a little bit thicker, a whole lot longer and more natural-looking. I definitely prefer this over my Lash Blast now and it will be my HG mascara until the next best thing comes along. =)


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  1. great review =) now I have to try it out for myself now.

    ‘they look the same’ hahah.. I seriously laughed out loud at that part. I can totally hear my boyfriend say the same thing.


  2. Ooh thanks for the face-off review! I’ve always liked Last Blast, but from your pictures, it looks like Colossal is a little better. Lash Blast does clump on me if I put more than 2 coats. I’ve never tried Colossal before, but I might grab a tube next time I do some makeup shopping.

    Are you going back on your makeup diet now? Hehehe.

  3. nice review..n comparision..:)
    btw..happy mothers day..!!

  4. haha.. boys will be boys.. i’m so happy colossal mascara is now in waterproof… woo hoo! yes now back on the diet… =/ hehe.. just a few more weeks longer.. ahh freedom.. hehe.

  5. Colossal has always been my fave mascara! so I was happy to hear from your blog that they have a waterproof one!

  6. yay great review! I thought i caught a glimpse of what seemed to be a slightly different packaging of the colassol the other day in the store…I guess that would be the water proof version! I’m gonna go try this after I’m off my no buy ban, I think water proof versions holds the curls much better for me, at least w/ lashblast it did 🙂

  7. thanks for the comparison 🙂 LOL about asking your hubby. mine does that all the time [x but he’s getting better (i’ve got him trained! LOL)

  8. Great comparison!! Well ain’t I glad I’ve got the Colossal. Can’t deal with the scent tho!

  9. haha.. i need to train hubby more.. i almost always have to have waterproof mascara.. always.. bc i need that extra wax in there to hold up my curl otherwise it’s just useless to even use an eyelash curler. hehe.. i dont know what mascara smells nice tho.. =P

  10. thanks for the great review!! will definitely try out colossal when my LB runs out!! 🙂 LOL @ ur hubby’s response!

  11. both looks good to me but i think with lash blast your eyelash looks longer!

  12. Great comparison review Mel! LOL! Men they don’t know! LOL!

    My HG mascara is Maybelline Full-n-Soft Waterproof!! Since HS! LOL! I try out other ones, but always buy one tube of that!

  13. Oh wow, Colossal is WAY better! Will have to keep this in mind. Thanks for the review!

  14. hehe.. Lash Blast may be a bit longer but not by much.. and honestly i rather have no clumping than longer lashes.. cause it’s a pain to comb them out.. WUZ, I LOVE Maybelline Full n Soft too.. makes my lashes so natural.. I just love Maybelline’s mascara formula.

  15. Hallejuah for your prayer being answereed!

  16. Thanks for the review! I bought regular last blast a couple of months ago and it was so bad I threw it away! I was convinced to buy the waterproof lashblast, and it was decent, but I like my Maybelline Lash Stiletto better–it doesn’t clump.

  17. i want to try the stiletto too but no waterproof yet.. y don’t they ever release both at the same time!? pshh.

  18. Great comparison review! I’ve always been a huge fan of LashBlast, but I may have to try Colossal next time…

  19. hehe.. yes do give it a try.. i def love the formula more bc of the no clumping result =)

  20. Recently, we have an exactly same packaging but with different name Maybelline Colossal… wondering are they the same product? Hope they are.. kekeke