ManWomanFilm Tutorials

Thanks to Tammy, I am hooked on her videos! She’s amazing and soooo creative!

If you haven’t checked her out, please do. I just love her avant-garde film style and makeup – just awesome!

I’m heading up today to NJ/NYC then next weekend Miami and the following weekend Pittsburgh! It’s going to be busy the next few weeks and I have tons of entries waiting to post but first I need to process the photos that go with it. Can’t wait to show you girls what I’ve been up to! Until then, stay pretty. =)


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  1. I recognize the background music! Omg, it’s Shiina Ringo! Tammy is therefore cool in my book, haha. I’m a huge Shiina Ringo fan here.

  2. Sorry, I misunderstood. Tammy is a blogger. The girl in the video is ManWomanFilm, I suppose. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  3. YESSSS!! I love her too!
    I’ve been following her videos for quite some time!! Haha but i got very shy when she flashes her boobies *blush* =P

    PS: i love the leopard makeup vid the most!! =D

  4. lol..she is awesome!!!!

    Who are you meeting up with this weekend?

  5. haha.. thx tammy! she’s great! there’ll be at least 10 ladies there this weekend.. can’t wait!!

  6. have fun with all the girls in NYC!! 🙂

  7. that is just…amazing!!! thanks for the share :]

  8. she’s indeed awesome! thanks for your recommendation. =)

  9. you are a one woman show!