Makeover Madness!

This past Friday, I headed over to Fuz’s place for some makeover fun. It was hilarious; we couldn’t stop giggling through the whole process.

I was just going to wing the makeup part and since Fuz ask for nothing dramatic, here’s my take

I knew what I wanted to do for hair bc I was watching Twilight on my blu ray dvd (surprise, surprise) and took more notice at Bella’s hair during prom. It was just so cute that I had to try it and who better than on Fuz herself. =)

Then after the makeover, we immediately left for some Korean BBQ. OMG, we totally stuffed our face. haha.. I can’t believe we ate so much.

Fuz had her turn to do my hair and makeup. hehee.

I can’t believe we had some room for yogurt either but it was sooo goood!

Of course, we definitely had to burn all of that off with some karaoke fun.. I wanted to check out another karaoke place in Annandale, but they didn’t really have alot of song choices. Overall, a great evening altogether. =)


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  1. You & Fuz always have fun together !

    You two did a great job w hair and makeup.

  2. oh.. I love korean foods! :))

  3. hahahahah! so cute, i love it 🙂 and i especially love the outtake giggles.

  4. Pretty makeover. I love the way Fuz did your hair. Its so cute! The food looks sooo good. Was it in DC? I haven’t been to DC since 2006. Unfortunately, I’ve never been to the “Asian” area, besides this one Chinese restaurant (that’s 2 stories) and serves dim sum and booze during the day:)

  5. I saw the video on youtube earlier and you girls are fun to watch. Her look came out to be so pretty. You are so talented girl. Btw you eat so much but ur so skinny lol.

  6. girlfriends hanging out! the best!!! 🙂

  7. Is that the Twilight music in the backround of your vids too?! LOL!! Sounds like it. The movie had a nice score.

    You and Fuz are too cute!! Haha OMG Drugstore! LOL! Both her makeup & hair came out great!!

    You guys look like you had soo much fun!! 🙂

  8. haha.. thx girls.. we had the best of time! the restaurant we went to is actually in Annandale, VA.. no one goes to DC anymore for asian food.. haha.. they migrated to all parts of MD and VA – chinese to rockville, md; koreans to annandale, va; vietnamese to fairfax, va.. haha.. too funny.. but i have to work out alot in order to enjoy good food or i’ll gain.. so sad.. my metabolism has gone to shots! =P haha.. why yes Wuz, that is the music to Twilight – claire de lune =)

  9. Aw that’s so cute that you did makeovers on each other! What a great idea 🙂 Both of your makeover looks were so pretty.
    haha now I see a different side of Fuz~
    Hope you had lots of fun!!

  10. wow that was really fun. you and fuz looked so pretty =D

  11. Very pretty!

    Love the hair, I wish I had long hair again so I could try it out.

  12. omg, u just made my mouth water! that food looks sooo good!!!

  13. you girls are so cute!!

  14. Awwwww…Saw the vids on Fuz’s blog. You two are so cute!!!! I love women who can eat, play & giggle!!! HAHAHAH

  15. mel, both of u are so cute and funny. I can feel how fun it is!

  16. It’s so fun watching your two together having so much fun! 😉

  17. haha.. thx everyone.. omg.. im getting hungry again looking at the pics.. =P it was sooo good.. fuz goes there almost every weekend now.. haha.. she’s addicted.. =P

  18. Must do it all over again soon! Hahaha

  19. Nothing better than hair and makeup followed by great chow!!

    You guys are hilarious and looked like you were having a great time!

  20. haha you girls are too cute! looks like a ton of fun! the hair looks GORGEOUS! definitely gonna try it out! The makeup is beautiful as well!!

  21. i enjoyed watching the videos! must be soooo much fun!! you and fuz both look great!!

  22. omg the food looks delicious! have you been to the korean bbq place on little river turnpike? all u can eat for about $15!! yum!

  23. thx everyone!! haha.. yep.. we’ve been to the all you can eat korean bbq too.. i love that place IL MEE. however it doesn’t open 24/7 and this restaurant does.. hahaa..

  24. how fun!!! I saw Fuz’ post when she put make up on you and LOL you guys are so giddy and excited! Fuz looked so dramatic!!! lol great job <3

  25. awww you two are so adorable!!!

  26. i want to go play!

  27. that looks like so much fun! haha.. and OMG the food looks amazing!

  28. Oooh looks like you guys had so much fun! Makeovers are the best. ;D Yuuummmmy foooood!

  29. Aww, I’m so jealous! You guys look like you had so much fun! Great looks too!