MAC Style Warrior Collection

I was looking forward to this collection for about a month because of the packaging (don’t you just love the animal prints?!), but after a closer look at Nordies today, nothing really jumped out as a must-have.

Night Maneuvers* & Soft Force
Vibrant Grape & Bright Future

Ever Sun & On a Mission
(On a Mission is very similar to Breath of Plum
but with shimmers)

Refined Golden & Solar Riche

Brave New Bronze: Purple Rite: Sunsational*: Tribalist

Style Warrior: Liberated: Gold Rebel*: Fierce & Fabulous

*for the ones that I would most likely get.


Left side from top to bottom:

Tribalist: Sunsational: Purple Rite: Brave New Bronze

Right side from top to bottom:

Fierce & Fabulous: Liberated: Gold Rebel: Style Warrior

Tried out Sunsational with Gold Rebel at Nordies

(I’m loving the combo!)

Incidentally, almost done with makeup diet soooon!! I’ve definitely noticed I’ve been more controlled now when approaching makeup counter. There’s not that instant urge that I need to get everything! hehe.. Does that mean I’m healed?! =D


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  1. This collection doesn’t have me all hot and bothered like the other recent collections. I love the packaging though!

    I’m glad your makeup diet has left a lasting impression. Usually the effects don’t last long for me…hope you fare better! 🙂

  2. I’m sick so I haven’t gone to see this yet! I agree with you though, nothing here really, really jumps out at me. Sunsational does look like a fun versatile lipstick for changing up other colors though, so I’m planning to give that a swatch one I can go see it in person.

    And yay! More control is definitely better – don’t know if you’re fully healed yet lol. Keep it up! 😀

  3. I grab everything, take whatever I like home, then realize I don’t really need it, and definitely go back to return it xD I don’t think they mind.. I am a regular so hopefully they don’t mind! 😀 I’m really eyeballing purple rite, brave new bronze, fierce and fabulous, gold rebel, and soft force 😀 Hopefully the list gets cut shorter because I feel so broke right now! 🙁

  4. ooo i like this combo!!!

  5. Great swatchies Mel!! And ooh sexy lips!! I don’t think I’m getting anything from this collection.. Pacing myself! LOL!

  6. aww Mel! the Sunsational and Gold Rebel looks really good on you! i’m loving the muted nude look! xD I checked out the swatches from pursebuzz and I’m really eying the Sunsational and Brave New Bronze lippies!! are they already available for purchase?! or for swatching only? bc i thought it comes out on may 28. haha xD

  7. I think the l/s Sunsational looks quite unique – and very pretty on your lips!

    Except of Vibrant Grape, I’d love to have all colors, hehe… but I have to see in person first. :p

  8. thx girls.. nope collection available now and on website.. haha, i do hope that i have more control this time around.. =P

  9. I feel the same way about this collection. Nothing really jumped out at me. That’s a good thing though cuz I’m on another unofficial makeup diet. Trying to save money for upcoming summer trips! 🙂

    I had the same revelation when I got off my makeup diet last month. I think I’m a much smarter shopper now. Yay for being frugal LOL!

    Btw, if you really liked my tiramisu cupcakes, stay tuned for next week! I’ll be posting another cupcake creation I made. ;D

  10. hrmmm that sunsational lippie looks really pretty! blah…But I still want the Brave New Bronze lippie >_< lol and Steph is pushing me to get it aghhh!!!

  11. yeah i didn’t like how the brave new bronze look on my hand .. it looks good in pic but when swatched, looks too peachy..

  12. the packaging looks cool, but i still haven’t been convinced by mac XD

  13. hey mel! 🙂 I nominated you on my blog 🙂 hope you check it out! 🙂 it’s kind of like a tag. It’s way of saying your awesome! Great tutorials on youtube 🙂

  14. This collection looks great, I can’t wait for it to launch near my MAC store! By the way, I love going to your page because you always have nice relaxing music on! lol 😛

  15. “makeup diet” haha, too cute.