Double-Head Jade Face Massager

You all know how much I enjoy Queenie’s videos. haha.. Here’s another that she talked about face massager. I know Cinthia got the spider-looking face massager on ebay a month or two ago, but the jade one intrigued me the most! So guess what arrived today. hehe.

It’s a bit bigger than I imagined it would be. haha =P I got this from ebayer Wow-Really. The shipment was really fast from China so definitely very impressed.
Also I was in Philly over the weekend and my parents wanted to head over to Costco. I don’t have a card but I wanted to check out and see what they have. Then I saw this below and remember how Cinthia raved about the product so I had to give it a try. =)

So far I’m loving it and will give a review within a week or two.

no bb cream here; just studio fix powder foundation =)

I’ll leave you with a pic of me enjoying a nice ride out. I’m a summer baby so of course I’m most happiest when it’s nice and warm out.. hehe.. It’s time to get rid of the winter weight of hiberation and ready to head out playing tennis or jog myself back to healthiness. =D

I’m also determine not to eat so much sweets or junk food anymore or at least limit myself & not go overboard! I have no self control whatsoever when it comes to sweets – none! I don’t eat rice already (not a fan and yes I call myself Asian =P) and I don’t drink soda (haven’t since I was very little – hate the carbonated stuff) so there’s really nothing left to cut out. One minute I think I’m ahead to being at my weight goal and then the next minute I sit and eat 4 chocolate eclairs one day and the next day 3. No wonder my weight always fluctuates so much. I love sweets way too much! However, at the unhealthy rate I’m eating, I could easily eat myself to developing bad health problems later. Gone are the days that I could eat whatever I want and not gain a lb. I just have to suck it up and remember that my metabolism is shot and actually have to watch what I eat. Sighhh.. so here’s to healthy eating!! Wish me luck. =)


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  1. haha, when I saw your title I immediately thought of Queenie’s video.

    I’ve also seen jade mats that you can sleep on, can’t imagine sleeping a full night on them.

    You’ve taken some good steps with changing your eating habits~ I don’t think I could give up soft drinks or rice.

  2. we all need to motivate each other to start eating healthy 🙂 I love sugar too much, it’ll be hard to give up 🙁
    haha you got that jade messager, let us know how you like it 🙂

  3. haha.. yes i’ll let you know how the massager works.. hehe.. =) I haven’t drank soda since I was in middle school I think. When I burp and the carbonated stuff goes to my nose – worse feeling ever so I stopped. =P

  4. ohh i’ve seen that in costco before is it good?

  5. haha! You actually bought the massager.. I love how it’s really cool to the touch. I have one but it only has one end.. My mother got it from Taiwan AGES ago, it’s broken now so I can’t really use it. LOL.
    I hate soda too, I guess we have the same issue with the bubbles x)
    Let us know how you like that roller!

  6. That video is too funny. Poor puppy!

    I’m with ya on the weight fluctuations. My solution: I just stopped weighing myself. 😛

  7. where did u get the massager from? I want one!! 🙂

  8. haha.. yeah i know .. if i stop weighing myself then my pants will end up not fitting.. haha.. sigh.. that puppy gets the brute of her craziness.. it’s so well-behaved tho! haha.. oh and i updated the blog to include where i purchased the facial massager =)

  9. Can’t wait to hear you take on it!!

    And look at how bright & glowy your skin looks!! I’m an EATER so I don’t have any will power! LOL! GL with your plans though!! 🙂

  10. Hey Mel!

    No problem! hehe I really do love your blog and enjoy reading what you have to write! not to mention, I learn from you and get a good laugh when you post queenie’s videos! >:P No worries with the twitter thing! I was just worried that people haven’t been getting my tweets since a few other girls didn’t reply back either :/ hehe it’s cool though. my twitter username is carolineexoxo 😀

  11. hahah that girl in the video is so cute! Too bad I don’t understand cantonese =( that jade massager looks so elegant!

  12. My mom bought a jade massager on one of our trips to China. I’ve got to go and find it and use it. Hee hee.

  13. haha.. it’s all in the lighting =P can’t wait to try it out!

  14. hey hun~ that face massager looks really intersting LOL XD

  15. your skin looks amazing.

    Haha, I love how sophisticated the jade face massager is. I think it would make me feel like I was in 1920’s shanghai if i had one haha. [I watch wayy too many asian dramas with my parents]

  16. oo those sunglasses are really awesome for your face shape 😉 you look pretty bad ass!

  17. the vid is sooo funny! the spider massager is soo cool

  18. Queenie is so up-to-date. haha xD
    cool, jade massager, hmm, wil it works for anti aging??

  19. i think you’re already in shape 🙂
    but eating better is always good. you’re lucky that you’re not into the carbonated drinks, i love that stuff 😛

  20. LOL at her video!!! She’s so cute and funny hahahaha. I like the massager, it’s cute!

    And lol, once you’ve started and get on track, it becomes easier and easier. After living with SO for over a year, I eat so healthy now (except for when people send me coffee candies LOL) it’s really surprising how your tastes change. I don’t even like very sweet things anymore. O_O! You can do it!! 😀 😀 😀

  21. aww.. thx girls! i need the encouragement to continue to eat healhty.. got a salad today..hehe

    also, this was the first time i’ve ever seen a face massager so thx to Queenie for introducing it and apparently it’s good to massage your face to give it circulation and plumpness.. so we’ll see!

  22. Hot sunglasses! ;D

    Good luck with your health kick. I’ve been paying more attention to what I eat & exercising a lot more too. Gotta get bikini-ready for the summer hehe!

  23. good luck on your eating habits! i just recently started to change mine..then pizza suddenly made its way into the eating habit haha
    the meet and greet looked like fun!

  24. haha.. yes bikini season coming up and more importantly vegas next weekend! so def need to get in shape now! =)

  25. that jade massager looks really interesting. pls let us know if it works real good for ya! your skin is looking so flawless! and nice sunglasses! 😉

  26. I was looking for the jade massager in SF! Hahaha

  27. haha.. thx girl! the glasses were like $3 from china.. haha.. fuz! get it on ebay! so quick ..

  28. I have never watched Queenie’s video. I’m a big fan now. Thanks for sharing.