In case you were wondering to get something from Urban Decay, there’s a sale going on right now! hehe. The coupon code is FNFS9. Happy Shopping!

click on pic to go to link

Also on another note, I was playing with my nails last night and came up with this “spur of the moment” look. Phoebe said it reminded her of bamboos on twitter and I never even planned on it turning out like that, but now that I look at it again, it does! Too bad I didn’t tape this and I didn’t plan on doing any designs so I used a base coat that flakes off easily. boo! Ah well, at least I took a pic of it.. hehe.


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  1. I love those nails–you are soooo creative!

  2. too bad..much as i want to grab some Urban Decay stuff for me i can’t since UD doesn’t ship internationally…

    love the nails!

  3. love the green on ur nails! looks so cool :3


  4. i’m so sad UD doesn’t ship to canada!*tear*

  5. @jamilla camel hehe.. thx girl!

    @thiamere aww.. that stinks!

    @hellokittyromance thx hun! =)

    @PowderPuffGirl do I hear a swap? =)

  6. random reader! girl, is that your engagement ring?! cause i am in LOVEEEEE with it!! too bad my fingers are so damn small they can’t make it in my size….lol..love your blog!it’s so pink and cute!

  7. Hi Mel! Thanks for the comment and kind words and support, I appreciate it, I don’t know why people are so narrow-minded and instead of trying to understand or learn, they are just so quick to judge and accuse. But I guess that’s just how some people are, what matters most are the people that know you for you. 🙂

  8. thanks for the UD sale info! now I gotta figure out what I want! cute nails! 🙂

  9. @chau yep! hubby picked out the diamond and i picked out the setting.. tee hee.. =P

    @Vanessa heck yeah! a little culture sensitivity should go a long way..

    @AbcGrrrL haha.. not at all! have fun!

  10. So pretty! I can never do designs on my nails because I can’t keep my hands steady enough. =(

  11. Nice job on those nails! Very pretty! It does remind me of bamboo as well.

  12. Damn cool bamboo nails!!!

  13. @ko0ty haha.. girl.. u don’t want to see my right hand.. haha. =P still need more practicing using my left hand to paint.. pshh.

    @cahterine thx girl! =)

    @fuz haha.. thx!! =P

  14. Love your nails! Looks absolutely gorgeous!

  15. It does look like bamboo!! Great job Mel!! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the sale!

  16. your nails came out super cute! love!

  17. I looked at your ring for about 2mins.. wow they are super beautiful !!

    Uh oh, someones gonna have another haul pretty soon ?? =p

    thanks for the info !


  18. that’s cute! I could never get my nails to look like that! very neat!!

  19. thx A! =)

    @kawaiikao hehe.. thx girl! =)

    @beeyoutiful7 hehe.. thx hun!

    @Mary haha.. thx girl.. yeah i like my left hand better.. hehe.

  20. To all the international UD addicts, look into a forwarding service. When I was studying abroad, I used Shipito. I still ordered from UD or Sephora, but Shipito would forward my makeups to me. Worth looking into