Fuz & I were finally able to meet Katie for dinner tonight at a Thai restaurant in Tysons Corner. Of course I was there right on time while Fuz walks in 5 mins later… hehe… To my dismay, Katie is just as tall as Fuz and now Fuz deemed me their “cute little midget”. Great just great! haha.. Where are my petite ladies at when I need them around me?? hehee. Anywho, silly me just brought my camera case without my camera so I had no pictures to call my own therefore these below at the restaurants are from Fuz’s. hehe.

We’re always laughing about something! haha.
Semi-normal pic of us! haha.
Yay! What’s a nice dinner without some yummy yogurt dessert! mmm.

Then of course, we had to finish off the night right with a trip to the mall for a little shopping and some Sephora time! hehe.. We asked the lady there to take a pic of us holding our sephora bags and she just giggled.. haha.. I just said don’t ask.. =P but curiosity got the best of her and she asked.

And look at Katie getting me a little surprise from Sephora! How sweet! Urban Decay in Underground. Very pretty and love the packaging! Thank you girl!! =)
Because Tysons Corner was SO close to MAC store, I had to go in there before dinner to pick up a blush palette and depot all my blushes. That also means another trip back there for some B2M! hehe. I also got more e/s from left to right: coppering, bitter (selma talked me into buying it, i swear! she said it was the spring color they’re promoting), cork and woodwinked. Isn’t my blush palette too pretty after I depotted all my blushes? hehe. Blushes from left to right are Tenderling, Sunbasque, Breath of Plum, Springsheen & Emote. =)
Oh Oh!! We also found out that Tysons Corner is having a MAC store opening sometime this month! Two MAC stores in the same area!?!? I’m too excited for words.. hehe.

These beauty meetups are just too fun and I have a blast everytime.. It seems Katie will only be in the DC area for 3 months and then a move up to NJ/NYC area so you know what that means, don’t you?! hehee.. Another NYC trip coming soon! Can’t wait for the next time girls! =)


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  1. Hehe, aww, looks like you girls had a lot of fun. =)

  2. Looks like you had soo much fun with the other ladies =)

    I love the Urban Decay shadow and their packagin =)

  3. you guys always look like you have a blast! What a pretty e/s! How nice of Katie!!

  4. cute 🙂 i love urban decay’s deluxe shadow in underground, it reminds me of smog

  5. wow!
    blogger meet ups!

    its always fun!

  6. yay for girls’ night!! you girls make me wanna haul!! :[

  7. Your chopsticks pictures crack me up…you look like some Gaijin (foreign devils) practicing your oriental eating techniques, lol!!

    Can’t wait to see your post from the next NYC trip!!

  8. friendship heights is having a MAC store opening too!!! im soo excited >.< hehe
    but my wallet isnt XDDD


  9. Ballllllerrrr

    Look at all those blushes! I’m drooling over here!

    And at work haha

  10. Omg I’m so glad I read your post… I just remembered that I have a whole bag of empty Mac containers that’s been sitting in the back of my closet for like 2 years because I keep on forgetting to take them back!! lol

  11. hehe cute title!
    u girls are HOT!!! 🙂 i told fuz that u girls prob attracted a lot of male attention walking together :p
    *drooling over ur mac stuffies* 🙂
    sigh i wish i can meet up w/ some fellow bloggers tooooo! i’m so lonely in toronto! lol

    oooOo what did u get at H&M??? :p

  12. awww….you all look cute and giggly 😀 looks like a lot of fun!

  13. @Catherine haha.. we had a ton of fun! =)

    @beeyoutiful7 isn’t it cute??

    @Wuz haha.. yeah we try .. =) so nice of her!

    @AbcGrrrl oh yeah? i have the book of shadows with smog in it.. but yeah it’s a pretty color

    @thiamere yup!! hehe.

    @kawaiikao haha.. hauls are fun but expensive.. =P

    @Jamilla Camel haha.. road trip baby! hehe

    @hellokittyromance poor wallet.. =P

    @DSKNguyen hehee!

    @ko0ty YAY!! B2M!!!! hehee.. love free things when we deserve it. =D

    @PowderPuffGirl haha.. umm.. i think we were too busy looking at makeup than boys.. =P i got a cardigan and a spring jacket from h&m.. hehe.

    @aquaracer haha.. too fun! =)

  14. I know! We’re always cracking up… too silly, hahahaa

  15. yayyyy =) I told myself I wouldn’t blog or read blogs till I finish my work today, and I just finished!!

    I had a great time yesterday =) Can’t wait to hang out with you again! I tried the viva glam VI lipglass already, and omg.. it’s LOVE. Thx again =)

  16. @fuz hahaha.. silly indeed..

    @kkkkatie haha.. yay.. u finished ur work! i know! i love that lipglass.. hehe.. =)

  17. Great meet! Cool stuffs. Mell!

  18. hey nice stuff! but news on the b2m thing I went to mac this week cause I had depotted some stuff and so I brought the containers back like i always do and they refuse me! they said I need the metal pan too because they no longer accept depotted stuff! so I couldnt exchange it… I was like wWHAT when was this!! and they said its recent so I would make sure you asked otherwise it’ll be weird/embarrassing when you go up to pay and they say no haha happen to me but yea good lucky though i think i have alot of the blush that u have haha

  19. @smilecusiluvu there are some stores that are picky and fortunately the two stores near me aren’t as picky and will take them depotted.. i did ask them both before depotting my stuff.. u can always go to coastalscents or other places, buy those pans and stick them in.. they won’t know the difference.. =)

  20. The Urban Decay shadow you got looks amazing! The packaging is so pretty, and the color looks like it would look great on!!

  21. isn’t it gorgeous!? hehe.. yeah the packaging is too cute!

  22. looked like a lot of fun =) i’m sure i’ll look short next to them too haha

  23. wow.. how i wish i were there too… what a fun outing & shopping..

  24. @MiuMiu haha.. yeah anyone would =) it was still fun tho.. hehe.

    @Syn@3sTh3sI@ hehe.. too fun!

  25. Woah! You guys had so much fun! I’m super jealous!! Oh no! A MAC store! I can already hear your wallet crying! LOL!

  26. hahhaa.. i knnooooow.. sigh.. my poor wallet.. =P

  27. Mmm I love thai food – what did you order??

  28. it’s a version of pad mee kao.. mmm.. so good!

  29. yes please come… like rght now 😛

  30. hahaa. we’ll need to make a trip like in 3 months for sure! =)

  31. WOW! Are you serious?! I live in the same area and I can’t be more excited about the good news! Would you happen to know where they’re gonna put the MAC store? Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  32. the 2nd mac store is going to be right inside tysons corner.. i can’t remember where in the mall but i think it’s near madewell store.. not entirely sure tho.. coming soon in apr! =)

  33. Thank you for sharing your MAC blush palette! I love seeing other girls’ palettes, hehe… :p

    My blush palette also consists of 5 colours until now. Must make up my mind which colour to buy in order to make it complete.

  34. Wow sounds so fun! I wish I lived in a metro area so I could have more shopping but then again my wallet will really hate me haha… I feel for you in the short department, I’m a shorty too and my friends all constantly remind me of how short and cute I am,

  35. haha.. yeah.. and it doesnt’ help that i work really close to a mall.. =P aww.. we’re not short, we’re just petite ladies! hehe

  36. woot. 2 mac stores!