Sephora & SAKS F&F Sale!

Just spreading the word. =) Now through April 21st, get 15% off with code BD2T9CB5 if you’re a Beauty Insider. If you’re not, what are you waiting for?! hehe. It’s free to sign up online and you get loads of benefits such as deluxe samples and of course coupons just for being one! =)

Also if you update your beauty profile by April 30th, you get 50 points added to your account. So SIMPLE! =)

Additionally Saks is having 25% off everything (20% off jewelry and 15% off cosmetics and fragrances) online today and tomorrow with code SFAFAM10. Same deal going on for in stores starting tomorrow thru Apr 19th. This is pretty big too bc they rarely have sales on cosmetics and fragrances so jump on it if you can. =)

Yeah, just my luck these two sales are happening right when I started on my makeup diet. Le sigh, woe is the life of a beauty blogger on a diet. tee hee =P Go, go and enjoy it without me, Ladies!!! Happy Shopping! =)


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  1. Stop spreading your addiction on me!! 😛 Hahaha~

  2. hahaa.. u don’t even have a sephora near u! unless u’re thinking of purchasing online.. =P

  3. omgg!! i might just have to break my no buy and grab a few more dior lippies… >.<

  4. Funny how we just posted the same sale haha, What would you be getting from the sale?? And thanks for the info for the free 50 pts, i didn’t even know!

  5. @kawaiikao awww.. sorry girl!

    @female_intuition haha.. there’s prob a few more beauty bloggers doing the same.. and no i won’t be getting anything from the sale.. trying to be good to my diet =)

  6. wait… when you say UPDATE YOUR PROFILE.. you mean just about anything in my profile? maybe just the name or email or whatever?

  7. OMG! I want something for hair care:((

  8. @einjely it means update ur beauty profile like skin type, problem skin etc..

    @A sephora sells hair care stuff.. =)

  9. Makin me want to spend money again! Darn you Mel!! 🙂

  10. will power mel!

  11. …Me has no $$$$…..Stop tempting me…..

  12. Ugh! I have to save my money 🙁

  13. @WUZ haha.. at least u’re saving? =P dont want to pay full price now.. hehe.

    @DSK WILL POWER!!!! GRRR! hehe

    @Tao hahaha.. i know i know…. i’m not hitting it.. =P

    @Angela save it girl!!! i’m just telling others who were about to spend the same dollars but can now get it for less.. =)

  14. whoo hoo i went to sephora today!! By the way I started blogging too…So check it out!!

  15. soo many saless!