Sally’s Beauty Nail Polish Sale!

OOOH! Just read XinaRoX’s blog and she saw this sale from Sally’s Beauty. Awesome deal! I may just head over there today as well.. hehe.

The following nail brands you can choose from:

China Glaze
Sally Girl
So Easy Stripe Rite
Nina Ultra Pro

Just click on BOGO pic and it’ll take you to the link! Happy Shopping! =)


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  1. OoO

    thanks for sharing hun!


  2. GIRLLL you are on a ROLL

  3. thanks for sharing!!

  4. oh snap! I am hauling my arse over there tomorrow!! thx for the notification!

  5. anytime girls! hehee..

  6. You and Van always keep me updated on the sales! LOL!! I just wish we had a Sally’s down here!! 🙁

  7. haha.. np! do you need me to pick some up for ya??? let me know Wuz!

  8. WOW.!! What a great offer. Sally Beauty is one of my favorite stores to get beauty products.