Oh, M(y) Sparklesss

Recently, I msged Mona to see if she could combine two of her lovely necklaces into one unique creation just for moi, she didn’t hesitate at all when she replied yes. She asked me a few questions on my preference and all I could say was that I trusted her and her artistry and I was so glad that I did. She did not disappoint me at all when I saw the final product on her jewelry blog . I was bowled over how pretty it was and just couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Well, the package came today and I pretty much ripped it over to reveal a handwritten note, on Hello Kitty’s stationary in Miss Mona’s lovely penmanship, and this gorgeous necklace! Sighh…

I just love how the colors come together and knowing that it was handmade for me makes it all the more special. Because I love the necklace so much, I had to order the Spring earrings to match which gives me another reason to stalk my mail guy. haha. I’m sure he’s gotten tired of delivering packages to my office at work, but really, I’m there 40 hrs of the week. I should be allowed to receive goodies to break up the monotony of the day, don’t u agree with me ladies? =)

Love you Mona!!! It’s gorgeous and I’ll always treasure it. Can’t wait to see more of your lovely jewelry creations and if you girls have not had a chance to head over there, please check out her site. You won’t be disappointed in the least bit. =)


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  1. So pretty! =) & I agree w/ you about packages at work. 😀

  2. oooh! I love your La Belle Mel adaptation of Mona’s spring necklace!!

    I have the original and I love mine too!!

    Tres kawaii chic!

  3. hehe.. yeah i just love it! Mona did an awesome job with it! =)

  4. pretty! Man everyone is jumping on the DIY wagon! I feel like doing something too >_< But I'm not sure if I can afford all these lovely crystals that everyone is doing...I'm thinking of maybe making headbands =D I love headbands just as much as Mona! lol!

  5. i know! haha.. i wish i had some more time to jump on the DIY but what to make? =P

  6. ohhh!
    thats so nice!
    so spring-like

  7. Sooo pretty!! :]

  8. M did such a great job! And it looks great on you Mel!

  9. hehe.. thx! i’m loving it!!

  10. Mona did an awesome job!

    It looks super pretty on you =)

    doesn it make u feel SUPER good every time u get a new jewerly ??


  11. Both you guys have great taste in jewelry!
    Yes! You deserve some goodies at your work!

  12. wohoooo!
    i’m so glad that you like it 🙂 and the fact that they got it there fairly fast is nice too 😀

  13. haha.. yep! me loves alot!! =) so glad it came quick too.. hehe.. i wore it all day at work today. =P

  14. two words. “so pretty”!

  15. omg… that is GORGEOUS! im going to see her later today for shopping/dinner. shes so freakin talented!

  16. aw.. u’re so lucky! hehe.. have fun with my lovely Mona.. indeed she is. =)

  17. gorgeous necklace 🙂 I’d have packages delivered to work…if I wasn’t so worried that my coworkers would get all nosy about what I was getting!