Makeup diet officially starts today and Happy Easter!

Yeah lately my entries have been on hauls so I definitely think a makeup diet is in order right about now. I have a mini haul one that I bought last week which I’ll post on that once I receive it but after that, no more for awhile. You can all keep me in focus for about two months and encourage me, yes?? hehee. Not to mention my latest comment in last post was from hubby. He decided to check my blog last night when he couldn’t sleep from drinking so much soda! =P Sooooo, this means I have another person as well to keep me in check because I still intend to keep this blog public. =)

Anywho, I’m hoping to make more videos on my Youtube to put the makeup I bought to good use as well as filling up my blog with more reviews and such. I have been slacking in that area. Of course, there will be the occasional food recipe entry here and there; can’t forget about that since you girls love it so much. I have one in mind already specifically dedicated to Pink so keep an eye out for that. =)

Also I don’t know if you girls have noticed, but I don’t post that many swatches of makeup. I guess I blame laziness for that especially if it’s a big haul. hehe. I figure I would be using these products in my video so you would see what the colors would look like when applied to my face vs my hand. My hands get a bit more tanned when driving vs my face so you can’t get a true color of the makeup on my hands compared to what you would get when applied to the face. If you feel swatches of makeup is necessary, let me know and I’ll keep it in mind for future entries. =)

Additionally, I may have a mini blog sale on some of the stuff that I have not touched in awhile if anyone’s interested. Unused makeup is just sad to have laying around feeling unloved and if someone else can give it a good home, all the better so let me know. =)

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

Much love,

~Mel =)


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  1. I need beauty diet too! But I can’t :(((

  2. I think I need to go on a diet along with you, but for me it needs to be like, all beauty products, not just makeup, lol. Good luck to both of us!!

  3. Good luck with the Makeup Diet!! It’s one of the hardest to do! LOL!! And oooo Blog Sale!

    Hope you had a great Easter!! 🙂

  4. I know what you mean, I’ve been splurging for the past couple of weeks but I haven’t really used anything =T time to give some love to the new items! can’t wait to see your reviews and FOTDs with your new stuff 🙂

  5. Make up diet! You can do it girl! 🙂 Haha your hubby reads your blog?! How cuteee! And omg people always ask me to do swatches too and I am like SOOO lazy! haha 🙂

  6. @A aww..

    @Catherine hehe.. let’s do this girl! we can! yeah i’m thinking the makeup one would include all beauty products too.. =)

    @Wuz I know wuz! i’m thinking now that hubby knows my blog.. hehe.. it might make it a lot easier.. =)

    @mayaari hehe.. yeah.. it would be pointless not to use what we bought.. hehe.

    @NuNuDoll haha.. yeah we can do it!! let’s keep each other in check! not sure if having hubby reading my blog is a good thing tho.. haha.. =P

  7. i am totally on the same page as you!! i keep buying and buying :[ and i realized i have way too many eyeshadows the other day when i couldnt decide which purple to use…omg :[

  8. for me, im on a shopping ban..hehe..

    specially now that i don’t have a job yet…


    Happy Easter Monday!

  9. I think I will join your diet! lol,

    but..can’t wait for your sale!!!

  10. I agree, I needa go on a makeup diet too! (possibly a LUSH diet also…) hmmmmm

  11. @kawaiikao haha.. yeah like how many colors of one e/s do we really need.. =P

    @thiamere sorry about the job but that does help keep your shopping in check.. so that’s an upside to it. =)

    @DSK haha… u can do it girl! =)

    @AbcGrrrL hehee.. well then I encourage u to. =)

  12. Good luck on your makeup diet! oooh do tell when you decide to have a blog sale! Please ship internationally!!!!

  13. I’ve been talking about going on a makeup diet too…I think I’m going to stock up on necessities then begin. Good luck!!

  14. @K yeah i can ship internationally, just need to pay for the shipping is all. =)

    @Tammy yes.. i think i’m all stocked up so now’s the best time for me.. hehe.. good luck! =)

  15. Food diet is way easier than makeup diet! 😛

  16. haha..u sure about that FUZ?! i really really LOVE food.. =P

  17. good luck on your makeup diet =)

  18. hehe.. thx hun! =)

  19. gluck on the makeup diet!
    Swatches are hard to do >_<

  20. thx girl! yeah i get lazy with swatches =)