MAC Rose Romance Collection

Having a MAC Collection coming out right in the middle of my makeup diet sux like you wouldn’t believe! Sighhh, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to look right? I called my local Nordie for the MAC counter and Ashley (the SA there) picked up and said I could come and take a look at the collection in the back of the room bc they’re not going to sell these until tomorrow. However, you can purchase the collection on MAC online and use free shipping code ROSE for any purchase amount.

Eyeshadows: $14.50: Silver thorn*, Et Tu Bouquet*, Creme de Violet

I love the Silver Thorn color bc it’s very unique. It’s silver e/s but has a tinge of blue in it which makes it such a pretty color – unlike any of the permanent collection for sure. Et Tu Bouquet I just like bc of the name and it’s a pretty light pink e/s.

Pigments $19.50: Circa Plum, Mutiny

Both are a pretty color but if I had to choose between the two, I’d get Mutiny.

Beauty Powder – $22.00: Blush of Youth, Summer Rose*

I want this just for the unique rose imprint. It’s gorgeous! I did swatch both powder and the Summer Rose shows up a lot more than Blush of Youth. Also bear in mind that the beauty powder is a lot bigger than your normal MAC blush so depotting it to place in your palette will not go over too well. (Yes I’ve thought of it. =P) I have one more blush to place in my palette and this would’ve looked so pretty as one of them. Ah well.

Gel Blush:$18.50 – Just a Pinch

Not sure I want this just yet but Ashley mentioned that it’s the first ever MAC has ever done and this will be the item to get. It’s pretty but I’m never much of a gel blush type gal.

Lipsticks $14.00: Odyssey, A Rose Romance, Way to Love*

Odyssey swatch was a bubble gum pink to me but more rosey and Way to Love is a pale pink color.

I only did swatches of the lipsticks (top row): A Rose Romance,Way to Love, Odyssey and lipglasses (bottom row): Virgin Kiss, Steal My Heart and Magnetique. I didn’t do any swatches of the See-Thru lip colors, bc I wasn’t really interested in them as much after watching Pursebuzz video on it.

Lipglass: $14.00 – Magnetique, Steal my heart*, Virgin Kiss*

See thru Lip Colour:$14.00 – Loving touch, Secret Crush, Tender Tryst

Nail Lacquer:$11.00 – Love & Friendship
If you can’t tell, * are the ones I really want but can’t have right now. Blehh… Maybe I can convince hubby to get it for me then it wouldn’t be me breaking any diet rule. hehee. A girl can dream right?

Fix + Rose: $17.00

This is the aqua-spritz that’s jam-packed full of vitamins and minerals, infused with a Calm-the-Skin blend of green tea, Chamomile, Cucumber, topped off with the scent of 100% natural rose water. I have the regular Fix+, but I’m a sucker for anything rose scented. I barely finish my first bottle but this rose scented one is really tempting me. So you can imagine that this collection is just calling (no, screaming) out my name. =P

Also I just found out that there will be a Nordstrom Exclusive eyeshadow Quad called A Rose is a Rose: Solar White, Contrast, Seeds of Love, & Petal Worship. I didn’t see that there, but I’m thinking I’m going to have to go back to Nordie to check it out tomorrow. Just looking – no harm in that. =)


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  1. The imprint on the beauty powders is so pretty I’d probably never end up using them in order to not mess them up :).

  2. haha.. yeah i might do the same.. but apparently the imprint is really deep so maybe a few uses won’t be that bad. =)

  3. ohh I so want some stuff from this collection! >_< LOL I'm going to try to convince my bf to get me something muahaha =X He might not though since he already bought me some stuff from the sugarsweet collection lol

  4. Omg those lippies looks amazing. haha I must make someone buy those for me so I don’t break my make up diet. muahaha. -flutters eyelashes-

  5. hhaa.. glad to know i’m not the only one using my girly charm to get what i want.. =P

  6. This collection is so soft and pretty, but I feel like I already have most of these colors… ;_;

  7. I’m also a sucker for anything rose scented! That gel blush is an interesting product, I wonder if it works well.

  8. Ohh… the two beauty blushes really tempt me a lot!

    I’ prohibited myself buying anything more this month and additional few weeks 🙂

    But since Austria is always late with new MAC launches, I think the diet should be over by then, hehe…

  9. Thanks for sharing all the info on the collection! And for the swatches! But I’m gonna do my best to say no to this! I need to stop buying MAC! LOL!

  10. i know!! it’s soo tempting.. eek! hehe. go Wuz! =)

  11. Awe! So pretty pigments!

  12. The beauty Powder is the prettiest thing in the collection imo!

  13. yes i know! so purrrrty..

  14. ohh way to love lipstick is SOOO pretty!!! omg >_<

  15. wow!!!!!! i really wanna try beauty powder.

    Please visit my blog if you have time, I just get started. ^_^

  16. it’s such a pretty collection. i didn’t pick anything up from the double dazzle collection (and hope to keep it that way!) but the rose romance collection is so pretty! i’m eying the summer rose beauty powder, of summer eye shadow (not only are the colors PRETTY but it’s the name of my lil fuzzy friend, Summer Catcat!), virgin kiss lg, and way to love ls. sigh … must resist 🙁

  17. yeahh… everything looks soo purrrrtyy.. temptation is creeping in slowly. =P

  18. I’m going on diet soon! I need

    I really want the gel blush, summer rose blush, the nail polish, and the MAC Fix+.

  19. The beauty powders are sooo cute! I’m getting the blush of romance and some lippies after class today. Its hard to say no to that cute design :]

  20. haha. yeah it’s hard not to get something from this collection.. everything looks so purrrty.. =)

  21. Ahh beauty diets are so hard! I was on a beauty diet challenge for over a month, & it finally ended yesterday! My first stop was MAC for A Rose Romance hehe. The collection is really pretty. I also love anything rose-scented, so I was all over the Fix+ Rose.

    Good luck with your beauty diet!

  22. hehe.. thx girl! it IS hard. i just looove this collection which i’m glad hubby treated me to.. this technically doesn’t break the diet if it’s a gift yes? =P

  23. Ahh! I want so many things from this collection, but I really don’t need any. Darn mac!! It’s so hard to not buy. :S

  24. That Mutiny pigment is GAWHGORGEOUS!!! OMJ! good luck w/ your makeup diet!