Lana’s Trash the Dress & Photography

So I had the honor to do my sister’s hair and makeup, as well as being one of the two photographers that day for her TTD session, to celebrate her one year wedding anniversary last October.

She asked for soft curls and pinkish purple wedding look and that was what I did. However, the forecast was a bit gloomy and had sprinkles, so the curls didn’t stay the whole day, but the makeup did and she had received compliments throughout the day. (Note to self: do not test out a new hairspray on day of shoot. =P)

Note: she made the bouquet herself (gorgeous!)

close of the makeup (I think my skills have improved since then)

Hair & Makeup

And for fun, I thought I show you my newest love recently and that’s photography. Note, I had just received my dslr camera that week before jetting off to Connecticut to do the shoot. So I barely had time to leaf through the manual before putting the baby to the test.

my fave shot of the day

Since then, I’ve been practicing a whole lot and I think I’ve gotten better as time goes by. I just like to share to you the other side of me besides beauty. =)

The down side to photography is that I found out recently that I’ve been getting a fine line on my left eye. At first, I thought it was because I was sleeping on my left side more often but only recently, at my last photo walk, did I realize that it was from squinting to take the photos so much. I was shocked when the thought dawned on me! Sigh, now my dilemna is for beauty or for photography; to age well or to get that perfect photo; to squint or not to squint. I guess I’ll need to try to balance out the two and not squint so much, since both are equally important to me, but you better know it that I’m more conscious of it now than ever. =P


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  1. Just gorgeous!! xxNadia

  2. ur sister looks gorgeous!! great job on the makeup 🙂
    And your pictures.. WOW!! i’m so impressed! hehe I love each and every one of them they are so professional! Hope to see more from you!

  3. Wow these are beautiful pictures Mel! I wish I could take photographs as well as you. And boo to the fine line! It’s frustrating how easy they appear on our eyes, I too am combating with mine…I found them to have intensified after rubbing my eyes so much because of allergies, damn allergy season!!!

  4. the pictures are amazing! 🙂

  5. aww the pictures all look so lovely !!

    thank you for checkin up on me. things are getting better =)


  6. thx girls! i love to share these things with you and if you see me disappear from time to time, you’ll know i’ll be out taking phots. =)

  7. Lovely!! Your family has great genes, Mel. & love your photography.

  8. aww.. haha.. thx catherine! =)

  9. Omgosh, your sister is soo pretty! Her lashes looks so long, is she wearing falsies? You got some crazy make up skills girl! and maybe you can train yourself not to squint when you take pictures?

  10. aww.. hehe.. i’ll be sure to tell her that.. yeah she’s wearing falsies.. =) i think i will try to squint less if i can.. hehee.

  11. I have recently gotten into this too! it’s so fun. I love manually focusing the lens. It’s like a high haha.
    Oh no for the line! quick! Use those beauty blogger skills and find a solution 🙂

  12. haha.. thx.. i’m on it pronto! =P

  13. Awesome music and super gorgeous pictures! It’s great relax here in your blog!

  14. omg her makeup looks amazing!! can u come do my makeup when i get married?!?! lol lovely photos too! you’ve got quite an eye :]

  15. hehe.. thx A!

    @kawaiikao u’re not so bad urself girl! =) thx.

  16. Your sister looks so pretty and the pics are gorgeous, sorry to hear you’re suffering for your art…

  17. those are gorgeous pictures…so nice…i especially like the daisy pic!

  18. Very very pretty photos!!! You did a great job on your sis’s hair and makeup.

  19. your sister looks gorgeous!! great photos there. I really like the blurred flower.

  20. thx! suffer for my art? hehee.. good way to put it =P

  21. your sister looks pretty! :0) the pictures look great, hehe.

    I hate squinting my eyes, especially in a microscope ~ eek 😡

  22. gorgeous photos 🙂 I wear reading glasses at work and I STILL squint while I’m looking through manuals – I swear my job has made my vision worse and contributed to the lines under my eyes!

    you did a great job on your sister’s makeup and hair – I like the eye colors 🙂

  23. your sister looks so beautiful!

    And OMG those pics came out amazing! Wow Mel.. Makeup, hair, cooking, and now photography?! What a talented woman you are! 🙂

  24. are you serious?? you’re getting line from squinting?!?! jeebus. now i’m scurred lol.

    ok we have the same camera, i need to chat you up on camera info since i’m retarded with it and had it for over a year now >.<

  25. thanks everyone! haha.. Wuz.. i like to be a well-rounded woman =P yeah M! for real! i shoot alot tho; i mean every chance I get.. so maybe u’re ok.. i love to chat up on camera! hehee.

  26. the hair + makeup you did for your sister is absolutely gorgeous! you;re really good @ taking pictures

  27. Omg the wedding anniversary pix are superb! They look professional. Please do a review on your dslr camera. I am thinking about getting one as well! Thanx girlie!