iMomoko Haul

As promised, my last and final haul came in yesterday which I had ordered last week before my makeup diet entry. I would’ve been good late last week if I didn’t see Tia’s tweet on her friend’s site giving 10% off on products. However I have been wanting to try out the white BB cream and might as well pick up a few things too. =)

So far I’m loving the BB cream! It’s so light, smells very nice and better yet, it helps even out my skintone as well as keeping it nice and soft. Can’t beat that.

I was running out of my eye masks so replenished that and I got my hair velcro! woo hoo! hehe. The oil blotter was added in to cover free shipping. hehe.

Also I had mentioned to Fuz and Katie about wanting to pick up the NARS blush in Sin. I eventually did get it last week and it’s such a gorgeous color on the cheeks. Fair warning though, this product is very pigmented and only a light hand with a stipling brush will give you a nice natural color. =)
Alright, enjoy this haul entry bc there won’t be another one in a long while. Fingers crossed! Wish me luck! =)
I’ll be working on my mini blog sale entry later tonight.


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  1. Haha you bought Sin! Your nail color matches L’egere! xD

  2. haha! yep! yeah.. such a pretty purple box color.. hehe.

  3. 😀

    You sure you can do the the makeup diet Mel??

  4. sure sure! it was a little hard today looking at Fafinette’s blog sale.. eek! hehe. but i’m ok..

  5. hi Mel-

    What site did you get the BB cream from? Since you’re a NC30, does it work well with your skin tone (cuz I’m the same as you) HOpe these questions aren’t too annoying. I’m just very skeptical when ordering beauty products online. 🙂

  6. i’m an NC25 in liquid foundation & nc30 in powder so it was definitely blendable for me.. i bought this at where there was a 10% off using a coupon.. i dont see it on her tweet anymore tho..

  7. You caved and got Sin! hahha… it Is pretty though =)

    I’m also starting a strictly NO BUY period. I came home from nyc with shopping bags, only to be greeted by 2 more packages in front of my door. haha, I was like.. I definitely have a problem. We should keep each other accountable =)

  8. haha.. perfect! you and me both! =)

  9. thanks 🙂 i just ordered it on ebay. free shipping! woohoo

  10. Hi Mel,
    I just followed you 🙂
    Oo the l’egere bb packaging looks so nice. I want it so badly but I’m trying to save money T_T
    Do you know if the sale is still available?
    Can’t wait for your review on the blush and bb cream!

  11. I’ve got both the BB Cream and the Nars Sin and i love them both! Glad you do too!

    Just think…Poor Fuz…stuck in the boondocks, far from a mall, no Sephora, and no car…that poor thing!

  12. @beauty snap hey girll.. i didn’t see the code anymore on Tia’s tweet so I’m not sure what it is or if the sale’s still going.. sorry =/ yeah i may do a review on the bb cream.. stay tuned =)

    @jamilla camel yesss! i made a good purchase then.. hehe.. poor fuz.. haha.. she’s so bored she’s even on gchat.. so rare! haha.

  13. I need to start a make-up diet. I’m still trying to decide which will be the last purchase before I start. haha

    This legere would not agree with me, but the pink one was better. I do agree the legere has the best scent.

  14. Nice haul! And good luck! =)

  15. @Jenn hehe.. u like the pink one better? y’s that?

    @Cathering thx hun! =)

  16. The colour of the NARS blush is definitely unique!

    Can’t really imagine how it will look on my fair skin, hehe… 😛

    I would love to see it on your cheeks! 😉

  17. AWE! Gorgeous stuffs! I want to try that BB cream 🙂

  18. gluck with the makeup diet! mine ended easter =D and i still havent bought nething usually id go crazy buyin stuff online. its hard in the beginning but u just gotta keep control and motivated. after awhile it gets easier well at least for me. i go to stores and come out with nothing. its a good feeling i suppose…

  19. Nice haul!! NARS Sin is fab!! I really wanna try that BB Cream. Can you pls check on the box for me if it contains Avobenzone? I’m allergic to it. Thank you so much 🙂

  20. NARS blushes are such good quality! Mac just doesn’t compare imo.
    Too bad you’re going ton a makeup diet. I loved your hauls haha.

  21. how much are you trying to lose. i’d love to lose 10. maybe 5. lol i don’t know. and yea, my teacher sucks balls! lol

  22. aaaaahhhhh

    BB Cream !
    I loveeee. I have yet to try legere one soon =)

    cute nails <3

  23. That Nars Sin Blush looks SOO gorgeous…I think I may have to save up and get some myself ^_^

    You should show us how it looks on you! My skin tone is similar! 😉 so it will definitely encourage me to go for the color too XD

  24. @Jess yes def a unique color.. very pigmented tho so if u’re fair skin, i’d use a light light hand.. a very pretty color for sure

    @A hehe.. u should! i love it! =)

    @ainstein good to know.. i need that encouragement.. the fact that hubby reads my blog too helps as well.. =P

    @Happy Avobenzone is not an ingredient on the box.. so yay! =)

    @Kasumi aww thx girl! yeah a makeup diet is good for me right now.. hehe.. =)

    @spankedelic trying to lose at least 5-8 lbs. it fluctuates day by day cause i can never stick to a healthy diet. =P

    @beeyoutiful7 hehe.. thx girl!

    @Niquita it’s a very pretty color.. i may use it in my next makeup tut video =)

  25. wow makeup diet sounds harder than regular diet…
    oh I just got the same eye mask 🙂

  26. oooh Legere!! I was gonna order too, but being sick means no work, no work means no money! LOL!!

    Great haul though! And ooohh NARS blushes!! MMm….

    Can’t wait for your blog sale! LOL!

  27. @mangobobala hehe.. any diet is always hard.. =P love the eye mask..

    @Wuz aww.. hope you feel better girl!!

  28. Yay I love the legere BB cream but I love the JR. JARTS+ even more, it suits my NC30 skin color better. And the sin blush looks really pretty, it almost looks purple-ish in the picture. 🙂

  29. JR? never heard of it! hehe.. i’ll wait until i’m done with this BB cream before thinking of any others which may take awhile.. a little of this goes a loooong way.. the Sin blush is a deep rosy pink color.. it must be the lighting that casts off a purplish tint.. hehe =D

  30. OMG – That NARS Sin is gorgeous! I want one right now!

  31. it’s GORGEOUS!!! me looooove alot.. =)