Egg Rolls & Nuoc Mam recipe

As I was getting my daily dosage of Twitter one day few weeks ago, I happened upon Pink’s tweet who said and I quote “NUOC MAM IS TO BE AVOIDED TOO!” At first I was puzzled by this tweet and responded “What’s wrong with Nuoc Mam? I happen to love it!”. I guess I should’ve kept my big mouth shut, because somehow I was dained “Nuoc Mam Queen”, all because I came to its defense and clueless that I had walked into an inside joke. =P

So in light of my newly acquired (hoping to live it down) title, I’ve decided to create a recipe post on how to make Nuoc Mam and what type of food pairs perfectly with this sauce, so here goes.

This egg roll recipe came from my mom who constantly forced me to help her with it during every holiday or special occassion as a kid. I suppose I have her to thank that I have this recipe memorized by heart years later when I decided cooking wasn’t so bad after all.

Ingredients are: spring roll wraps, 1/4 lb of ground beef, a handful of shredded carrots, 1/2 an onion, 2 eggs, a handful of shrimp, clear noodles, salt and pepper

Place the ground beef, carrots, chopped onions, clear noodles and chopped shrimp into a bowl to mix.

Create a little hole, add the two eggs, 1 teaspoon of salt and pepper then mix well

You’ll need to separate the wraps individually for easier access

Place a teaspoonful of the beef mixture onto one point of the square wrap and create a nice oval shape (no more than that to allow even cooking time)

Then wrap the point over the beef mixture snuggly

Take the two points on the side and fold each one over the beef mixture.

Then roll and dip your finger into the egg mixture onto the last point and seal it close.

Continue the process till you have a nice stack of eggrolls

Now heat 2 cup of oil in a deep frying pan on medium. Make sure the oil gets heated well so that the eggrolls cook faster and less oil is absorbed into the rolls during frying process.

Allow the eggrolls to fry a bit until it gets golden one one side (hubby took care of the frying as I took pictures) I’m not particularly into the whole splattered oil scene.

Once you see it’s golden, flip to the other side and do the same.

You should now have a nice plate of golden-fried egg rolls.

Now for the long-awaited dipping sauce recipe: Nuoc Mam. Also, you may wonder why a chinese girl would know how to make Nuoc Mam. Well, I’ll tell you my ladies. =) I’ve known my stepdad who’s Vietnamese since I was 7, so naturally we were in tuned to the culture and food. I can understand the language pretty well but speaking it is entirely different.

Anyways, onto the recipe:

You’ll need fish sauce (very important), lime juice, garlic, ground chili paste, sugar and water.

First, 1/4 cup of fish sauce into a bowl

I used to have to squeeze a bag of limes just to get a good amount of lime juice. Thank goodness for bottled lime juice nowadays. 1/4 cup

a teaspoon of ground chili paste

4 teaspoons of garlic; 3 soupful of sugar (or according to taste); Add 1/4 cup of water (not pictured) and give it a good stir.

Et Voila! You got yourself home-made Nuoc Mam. Now I did this all by eye-balling and adjusted per tasting to get it right. So it could be different for how you like it so adjust according to taste.
Ok, so some of you may not have the time to make Nuoc Mam from scratch. Well, fear not ladies. You can actually pick a bottle up all ready made at your local asian market. I happen to find mine at my local Hmart of all places. I never actually thought they would have it but hey saves me a trip to the vietnamese grocery stores. =)

I like to eat my eggrolls wrapped in lettuce. Doesn’t this make it healthier =P
Dip it into the Nuoc Mam sauce
Mmmm… Good
Enjoy my lovelies =)


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    I’m always making that shit since my family eat a lot of Vietnamese food hehe and that is like the same recipe!!! I guess it is the traditional way of making it =D

    OMG those eggrolls looks so good!!! It was a good thing that your mom made you help no? Now you can make it yourself and for the ones you love =D I love learning new recipes! And these eggrolls look delicious!!! I’ll will have to try it one day =D

    I’ll be the nouc mam princess haha <3

  2. looks so good!!!!!

  3. hmm yummyyy! haha I’m going to wrap my fried egg rolls in lettuce next time too, because that just all of a sudden made it seem so much healthy! :p btw I am going to leave your page on while surfing because you have Jay Chou music playing in the background, lol 🙂

  4. MEL- this looks yummy! Can you fed-ex some to CA? My goal = attempt to make egg rolls on my own. I used to help my mom with eggrolls when I was younger too, esp when we had parties, this was our to goto “food” to make.

    Some how the Fish sauce recipe looks familiar. My Vietnamese friends made the same exact sauce and dipped crawfish into it. YUM!

    I’ll let you know how my eggrolls turn out (if I ever get to it!)

  5. omg this my family would love this. Thank you very much for this recipe. Youre too cool 🙂

  6. Thank you for this recipe! I’ve always wanted to make eggrolls and this looks awesome. Maybe SO and I will try it this weekend. 😀

  7. EEK The FOODGASM! Mel your dishes always come out soo tasty looking!! MMmmmm….

    LOL! So cute you posing with the bottle of sauce! 😉

  8. That’s a good nuoc mam recipe! My mom used to use water in hers. Now she doesn’t. The end result is a thick sauce but it’s really good over pan fried fish!

  9. wow this looks super yummy!
    this looks like ‘lumpia’, indonesian food. hehe i love spring rolls <3
    and you eat it with lettuce? looks niiiiiiice

  10. can cook woman! I envy you! ;D

  11. Yummy!! I looove cha gio! Your recipe is perfect, thank you for sharing it! 🙂 XOXO

  12. Seriously, seriously, seriously YUM!!! I am getting hungry!!!

  13. thanks for the recipes, it looks very tasty =)

  14. How can anyone hate it? I love that sauce!

  15. haha.. thx everyone.. hubby likes it so i’m sure whoever you make it for will love it too =)

  16. i love rolls! i make these with my mum every two weeks! lol… it’s our special bonding time hahahah

  17. YAYY! Yummy party!
    Looks super yum yum!

  18. Looks soo yummy!!

    I’ve never had eggrolls with shrimp..maybe I should try that!!

  19. everything looks so yummy! if only i can cook as well!

  20. My gosh! That’s so complicated but of course it turned out looking delicious~~ I leave all the cooking up to you! 😛


    love the recipe they those HUGE egg rolls look delicious…have you ever heard that when you roll your egg roll you represent your man!!! now i know that your damn skippy in the bedroom!!! you must dip his goi couns in nouc mam too…awwww the picture of you and the bottle is BEAUTIFUL…HAIL NOUC MAM QUEEEN!!!

    ok now i have to go make my mini goicouns now…lol

  22. haha.. thx everyone.. PINK! you crack me up girl! and no i’ve never heard of it.. which means i should make them even bigger? ;P haha.. glad you like the post. =)

  23. Your husband is super luck to have someone like you !

    Nicely done mami

  24. YUM! you’re seriously the best wife ever – haha I’m jealous of your husband! I’ll clean all the dishes if you cook a kickass dish like that!

    love the photo op with the bottle for pink, haha

  25. mel, i got you a amtrak ticket. you’re taking the acela tomorrow morning to feed me these!

  26. haha.. yeah?? cause he always gets out of cleaning dishes =P haha.. thx M! if only i dont have work today =P

  27. thats looks yummy im going to try that! i just became a follower. please check out my blog, and become a follower if you like.

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  30. Thank you for sharing with pictures how to make proper eggrolls and dipping sauce!

    I’m Japanese so I don’t know about these things!

    I make a mean gyoza, though 😉

  31. hi just dropping by to let u know, u make me hungry even before i hv my lunch =)~ hehe
    Springrolls is one of my fav~~ ^^

  32. hehe.. thank u! jamilla – share that recipe girl!!

  33. Nuoc mam goes well with a lot of food. I love egg rolls wrap with vegetables too!!! yummy. Do more recipe girl. I’m always tune in for food!!!!! heheheeh

  34. ooooh, great recipe!! thanks…YUMMMMMMM!

  35. oh wow, this is almost the exact same as me 😀 I just don’t add shrimp, but instead imitation crabmeat 😛

  36. Haha thanks so much for this, im actually a dude! Shocking, i know, but i deeply love to cook. usually id go it alone and just go by taste but Nuoc Nam seems to need just the right amount of each ingredient. After spending 30 mins trying to figure out how to spell Nuoc Mam i found this sight! thanks mel, will def be back on this sight for more recipes….. lol and im not gay, i just like cookin

  37. @Cookinitupdude lol – thanks! i usually make nuoc mam according to taste, so with trial and error, you’ll get it right! good luck!

    btw, i have since opened a new blog – to post just recipes, so you can feel more manly there – lol