Caudalie & Sally’s Beauty mini haul

So after seeing that promotion on, I had to venture out and take a looksie at the colors. =D I’m so glad that I did bc the summer collection has arrived there! I’ve checked before about a month ago and did not find any which is great! Now I don’t have to order them online anymore and so far the best prices online are on

I believe they’re selling it for around $2-$3 with no coupon whatsoever. I use my Sally’s beauty card and purchase these for $3.50 (normally $6 in other stores that I’ve seen) but with the BOGO, I’ll be saving ALOT more than on Transdesign.
I’ve been eyeing the Watermelon Rind color for the longest time since I don’t have a nice green in my collection. For Audrey is not from the summer collection but apparently it’s a nice dupe to MAC’s Sugarsweet Collection nail polish in Peppermint Patti and might I add this summer’s hottest color. =P

Also from the summer collection, I purchased the grape juice and strawberry fields. Now I will be sporting some hot colors for the summer!
Now I can add them to my nail polish collection where I place them in this holder I found at Marshall’s. It serves the right purpose for something like this… hehe.. However, it’s getting a bit tight now and since I got this couple years back, I don’t think I will be able to find the same one again. boo for non-mass productions! oh well.

Also, there was a quick promotion that I almost missed where Caudalie was having a 20% off on products so I immediately jumped on it and purchased the Pulpe Vitaminee 1st Wrinkle serum that I’ve been eyeing from Fuz since she mentioned in her latest haul.. hehe. Fair warning, I didn’t realize that the bottle was a bit smaller than expected. I had thought it would be the same size as my P&J whitening serum but no. However, since I got it on sale, no harm done!

Best of all, I received a free kit with my purchase so I’m a happy camper right now. =)


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  1. That is such a cute stand for nail polish! It sure beats throwing them into my kaboodles bin which looks like a nail polish graveyard.

  2. yayaya for China Glaze! I went to Sallys like two days ago and bought like 38 bottles of nail polish… haha no lie..! :)!

  3. Great Haul and a thrifty one too, even better!!

  4. @Didi haha.. thx.. yeah i used it for something else before until my nail polish grew then threw them in there.. works pretty well! hehe.

    @NuNuDoll girrrrl, u DIDN’T! hahaa.. now u’re stocked forever.. muahaha.. i’m tempted to go back for more.. very tempted.. hehe.

  5. muahaha.. the BEST ones! hehe. =D

  6. great haul and great deals!
    i love your nail polish holder. i need to find something like that!

  7. nice haul! ur nail polish collection looks great!

  8. I’ve been looking for Strawberry Fields forever (ahaha, pun) XP Your nail polish stand is so cute! I need something like that but bigger, I have like 60+ nail polishes 😡 Btw, I’m a new reader (hi!) I found you from DSK’s jewelry blog. Have a great day n_n

  9. @eri hehe.. thx! i’d check out marshalls and see if there’s anything there.. love that store!

    @PowderPuffGirl hehe.. thx! nail polishes are so addictive now! =P

    @innerchild hey girl! welcome! yeah i need to find something bigger too! hehe.

  10. Strawberry Fields looks so pretty! i wish I had a Sally’s around here.

  11. Yay you got the Tiffany&co color!
    I’m stopping by Sally’s tomorrow so hopefully I will come back with something too!
    Wasn’t the Caudalie sale great?! 20%!!!

  12. omg i love the stand for your polishes!! i’ll let you know how the other yes to carrots stuff works :] thanks!! the lotion feels so good!!

  13. That nail polish rack is FREAKING CUTE!

  14. @catherine they do have an online store. =)

    @kasumi haha.. yes sales are always great! i can’t wait to use that color!

    @kawaiikao isn’t it cute?! too bad i didn’t think to buy another one! doh!

    @DSK haha.. thx girl! =)

  15. ohh I like your little nail polish stand! Very cute <3 Man that peppermint patti color is so pretty! I must get something that looks like it hehe <3

  16. i like your nailpolish holder haha. yay you got for audrey! its like tiffany boxes on your nail

  17. @sanniet hehe.. thx! i dont have peppermint patti but that’s a good dupe color from china glaze =)

    @M haha.. love me some tiffany’s.. hehe.

  18. Look at them prettty colors!! Watermelon Rind is supah cool looking!

    And that’s a great holder!! Dang I hate it when that happen, you find something that’s perfect, then you can’t find it no more! LOL!

  19. i love that watermelon rind! so pretty! i know!! stinks on the holder.. boo.

  20. i like your nail polish holder, so cute! i love the “for audrey” color too although it doesn’t look too good on my nails =P

    great buys and deals!

  21. yeah? i can’t wait to try it then.. i hope it looks ok! hehe. =)

  22. It´s such a pretty way to store nailpolishes!<3

  23. hehe.. thx! =)

  24. I loove your nail polish stand! Great deals too hehe :]

  25. thx julienne! =)

  26. cute stand for your nail polishes! lucky you, you found goodies @ marshalls. i always leave empty handed 🙁

  27. girl!!! how could you not get anything from marshalls?! hehee.. most of their home stuff is sooo cute.. =)