Tight Curls Look

This post is a bit late since this happened during restaurant week in Feb. Yes I know. I’m a slacker. Anywho, it was to be a night of fine-dining then Pasha Lounge afterwards so we girls tried to dress up a bit to make it more fun.

I decided to try out my new 1/2″ curler that I got and it took me a good hr to curl the whole head – haha. So I was running late and took the after pic after a night of dancing and running around windy DuPont Circle and still the curls held pretty tight. =P

Wore A/X black blazer to be more demure at Oval Room.

Camwhoring at Pasha Lounge! haha.

Here’s the video tutorial.

here’s a video below for tight curls


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  1. Those ringlets are cute!! Very Shirley Temple!! You looked great!! 🙂

  2. @Wuz haha.. thx Wuzzy!!

  3. very nice curls! and i love your top, so girly! 🙂

  4. @aquaracer haha.. thx hun! =)

  5. Is Pasha lounge a mostly Asian place? Hahahaha! I see a sea of Asians! 😛

  6. @fuz girl i know! had no idea it was “asian” night.. haha.. everywhere we turned were asian ppl.. but no the lounge is moroccan i think? we thought it could be bc 1223 was closed down and now this is the new hangout place.. hehe. *shrug*

  7. your curls look so shiny! love!

  8. @M haha.. thx M! =)