Thermaclear Review

I think I’m one of those ppl who always complain about their jobs bc everyone will have good days and bad days. Then there are those times where I find some perks working at my company bc I get to see new items come through that are being considered for our catalog or newsletter and Thermaclear happens to be one of them.

I actually saw this at Sephora while browsing one day and when we were just in our early stages of contacting vendor to negotiate pricing etc. I was able to try it out for about two weeks and here’s my review:

Price: $149.00
Where to purchase: Sephora which you can also get 8% cash back from Ebates!
Size: It’s about the size of a remote control’s length but thinner at the top and thicker towards the base. I’m afraid to take it around with me for fear of damaging it since it’s so expensive.
Ingredients: N/A
Consistency: N/A
Smell: N/A
What it claims: It’s clinically proven to be safe and effective on all skin types and tones, clearing pimples up to 4 times faster than those not treated with ThermaClear. ThermaClear treats pimples you see, and even the ones you don’t, allowing you to effectively treat pimples at first sign, below the skin’s surface, before they even become visible. An advanced, heat-enabled acne clearing skincare tool for mild to moderate acne
What it actually does: When I saw this come through the product channel towards my desk, I’m as much of a skeptic that this stuff does not work especially when I saw the price. I had three pimples emerged last week and tried the unit on low. Honestly, the pimples were gone in about 2-3 days and I only used it once a day on low (box says 3x a day and high heat would be more effective). I have a low threshold for pain so low was what I could take. haha. At first it shocked me a bit with the heat but eventually I got used to it. It’s also more effective at first sign of pimple emerging (you’ll know when that happens.. hehe). Pass that stage, hard to tell.
I have a bad habit of popping pimples and naturally which can lead to scarring. When I’m using thermaclear, the pimples don’t even emerge into a white puss – instead it just recedes and clears away. Knowing that I’m using the unit also doesn’t give me the urge to touch the pimples or try to pop them. I think if I am prone to more pimples, I’d invest in this more but if you only have the occasional ones that come once a month (=P), then it may not be worth the investment. I don’t know – your choice.
Skin Type: suitable for anyone; please research more thoroughly when it comes to your skin before purchasing the product: ThermaClear should not be used by those with severe nodular or cystic acne and it is not for use on non-inflammatory acne

Likelihood of Repurchase: The only thing you need to repurchase are the heat tips. I believe those need to be replaced every few months. I don’t think I would purchase this myself though.

Ratings: (4) out of 5 cosmos (I took 1 cosmo off bc of the price)

Video Review:

Disclaimer: I am not advertising for any company and am truly using the products to test it out and see if they work. These are my personal opinions and always encourage others to do their research before getting a product bc every one of our skintype is different.


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  1. Great review! And how sweet is it that you get to try it at cost?! But the price is still to steep for me!

  2. oooh interesting! I’ve never heard of that device before. Where do you work? What a cool job! I’m currently suffering from a break out. I don’t know what it is, maybe just being back to school from spring break is stressful enough!

  3. @Wuz yeah if it weren’t for the price, i’d get it right away.. hehe..

    @DSK i work at a health company that publishes newsletter and catalogs with health merchandise ranging from food to skincare so yeah i get to see new things come thru.

  4. Gorgeous stuff and great review! I watched your video about this stuff – great work too!

  5. I need money to start falling out of the sky haha. I still want to go look at it at sephora 😛

  6. nice review – that’s awesome that you get to test out products like that!

  7. @A thx hun!
    @M haha.. yeah for real!
    @Mayaari yea, once in awhile i get some perks but not all the time tho.. hehe.. =P

  8. cool… pricey but worth <3

  9. Hi Mel! I came across your blog by browing through Fuz and Tao’s pages. Your page is so cute! And great review on Thermaclear.

    I just started my own beauty blog yesterday haha. I was inspired by all you beauty bloggers out there!!

  10. @ning*star haha.. yeah very pricey and only worth it if you commonly get pimples.

    @Eleganteve thx girl! haha.. yeah it’s addicting to be a beauty blogger. =P

  11. Ohhh great review!
    That’s cool that you get to test out stuff like that.
    I might give it a try!

  12. @kasumi hehe.. yeah.. let me know how it works for u! =)