NYC Trip with my Beauty Bloggers!

This past weekend, Fuz and I took a road trip to NYC to meet up with Smerfette & Cuttibebe for a day of shopping for beauty products (hey, we don’t call ourselves beauty bloggers for nothing! hehe) However, first we had to try out Iuppido’s famous ramen noodles. The food was amazing! I just couldn’t get enough of it.

Since Fuz and I was soo late for lunch (long story), we practically gulped down our food and was ready to start our day. We headed to Bergdorf Goodman first.

Hard at work finding the right products
Smerfette testing out the press powder
Cuttibebe modeling the P&J mirror. =D
Fuz the silent shopper! (watch out for her – she can do the most damage! hehe)
Fuz so happy with her purchases.. hehe
Testing out the nail polishes
Don’t make fuz angry.. haha.. =P

Modeling my small purchase. =P

Smerfette getting ready to check out

Checking out the damage waiting for our ferry

Cuttibebe so happy =)
Fuz making sure all is there.

Henri Bendel headbands – so pretty!
We took the ferry to Jersey and headed over to Mitsuwa (a HUGE Japanese supermarket where there’s amazing food and awesome japanese toiletry products!) First we sat down for dinner.

Fuz & Cuttibebe knew what they wanted and were so fast in grabbing stuff while I was still stuck in one aisle studying the ingredients and products! haha. So I wasn’t able to grab all on my list but hey it’s not that far away. I’m pretty sure we’ll have another trip to replenish. =P
Now onto my haul:
My damage
My first P&J products! I can’t wait to try them all!
I loved the Grand Duo in Moon River so much that I picked up Love Rock and also a brush cleaner to do some quick spot cleaning.
Smerfette convinced me to pick up Henri Bendel’s headband. haha.. Literally took me 30 mins or more to decide whether to pick one up bc I couldn’t see where I would wear this out. It’s such a pretty color that I had to get it at least as a souvenir to remember our shopping trip. =)
What I got at Mitsuwa
M is such a sweetheart for picking up my Eve Pearl concealer that I wanted to try! AND she even gave each of us a goody bag! Of course I dug into the sweets before opening other stuff. hehe.
Thanks so much M! I can’t wait to try them all! This trip has been so much fun and great times meeting these girls that I’ve read online for awhile. Until next time! Fuz and I did a combined haul which turned out to be a 3-parter! haha so check that out on our YT.
Here’s Part One:

Check out part 2 & 3


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  1. What a great time!! I am living vicariously through you guys while I’m stuck in Detroit!!

  2. LOL!! Fuz & her weapon!! It’s the quiet one you gotta look out for!

    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!! 🙂 And wow all that haulage!! So jely here!!

  3. Hey! you meet fuzkittie! it’s so cool!

  4. I MISS YOU ALREADY~~ man in picture we look like we did massive retail damage! hhaa..

    we popped your P&J cherry!! =) u ain’t a virgin no more girl~ welcome to the makeup porn world, hhahahaha…

    thanks for all the pictures, ur SLR put our little cameras to shame, hahaha..

    it was really nice meeting u and i hope we get to see each other again soon! xoxo~~

  5. wow! LOVE the bow headband! Looks like you had a ton of fun in nyc! look me up next time! hee hee!

  6. @Jamilla haha.. i was living vicariously thru Fuz’s haul.. haha.. tried to resist as much as I could and buy only the necessities! =P

    @Wuz the quiet ones are the dangerous ones!! haha.. we had a ton of fun. I wish we could do more of these beauty blogger trips. 😉

    @A haha.. yes she’s hilarious on our road trip.. =P

    @Cuttibebe I MISS YOU TOO! hahha we so need to do this again! you girls were “rough” with me on the P&J stuff.. haha.. such enablers!

    @EtherealPrey haha.. yes we most certainly had a ton of fun.. i’m sure we’ll be doing this again so we’ll let you know! =)

  7. hello*
    first time visiting ur blog. Found your blog through Fuz =)

    Im so jealous that you guys had such a great time and got many goodies!

    looking forward to

  8. looks like you had a lot of fun….& nice haul =)

  9. @beeyoutiful7 hiya! hehe.. welcome to my blog then =) the trip was soo much fun.. hehe. def a great time =)

  10. @charlene hehe.. it was! had a great time. thx! =)

  11. can you guys please come back this weekend? lol. i need you to tell me no and fuz to tell me yes 😛 it makes shopping that much more fun 😀

    really wish i was there for the mitsuwa portion, the food porn makes me sad hahah

  12. @M haha.. i dont think i ever had this much shopping ever.. hehee..

    the food was soo good. mmm.. wish i had more time to shop then look at the ingredients! haha.. next time i’ll know what to get for sure!

  13. wow! it looks like you ladies had so much fun shopping together. all your pictures look great. ^_^ Wish I could join the fun!

  14. @DSK so much fun! wish i could go back again.. haha.

  15. two thumbs up 2 u for being able to resist buying and sticking only to ur planned purchases, haha! the pics and vids def captured F-U-N! 😉

  16. @aquaracer haha.. thx! i totally need a makeup diet pronto! =P

  17. i love the video 2 were so cute
    yay to P&J! i’m gonna start stalking you from now on 😉

  18. @MiuMiu haha.. not if i stalk u first! =P thx hun! it was too much fun and so far i’m LOVING this P&J stuff!