A mini CCO haul

So the past weekend, I took Fuz to Leesburg Outlet for some shopping time and of course I had to stop off at CCO to check out more stuff. Fuz was not even the slightest bit tempted to pick up anything there. hehe.. oh well I tried. I was hoping not to get anything but in the end, I failed. haha. I picked up two of these MAC palettes from the holiday collection for around $26 each. Beats buying them retail for sure.

I wanted something easy to carry around when I travel instead of my 15 palettes so these have just about the colors I would need to wear on any occassion including my 1st MAC smokey palette I bought the previous holiday collection.

I love the magenta and red jeweled covers. The colors are just so pretty and just right to bring along for traveling. It’s got your pinks, purples, neutral and greens to match just about any wardrobe you happen to bring along with you. =)

Infatuating Rose is the left and the colors are Satisfy, Cavort, Bon Fete (Good Party), Platonic, Feast & Deep Feelings.

Intriguing Scarlett is the right and the colors are Sweet Joy, Warm Suede, Well Spiced, Gentle Heat, Real Drama & Grand Entrance.

Each palette has your mini 213SE brush. I took them out though bc they keep moving around in the palette. I’m not sure if I wanted to keep the plastic covers that come with them.

I also bought the 217 brush bc I’ve been eyeing it before, almost bought it in the 2nd CCO store I went last week but didn’t. It’s a great brush for packing in any dark colors for the outer corner eye and blend in.

I recently bought the 224 at Nordies MAC last week – since it’s limited edition as well as having that tapered ends – it’s a great brush to help blend out any harsh edges for my eyes.

I bought the 226 at Nordies MAC about a month ago and bc of it’s pointy ends, it’s harder to blend out (perfect for putting colors right in the crease) which is where the 224 will come in to blend out any harsh lines.

Ok, there goes my mini haul but seriously makeup diet for real! =D

Ok I was talking so much about my haul that I forgot to totally mention what Fuz and I did AFTER the shopping. haha. Mr. H (finally met him!) came to join us for dinner and I introduced both of them to Honey Pig – a 24hr korean bbq joint. It’s your hole in the wall of sorts where they squeeze you into a small table and u just eat till your heats content. Of course, THAT’s exactly what we did! =D We were so stuffed and Fuz and Mr. H were a little bit liquored up from soju and beer that it was time for some karaoke fun! They are so hilarious together singing all sorts of songs that I never thought they’d would even choose but they did. It was such a fun night and hopefully we can do it again!! Although the karaoke place I took them to is probably the most expensive ones I’ve seen anymore – peak hrs are $30-$35 an hr per room. SUCKS but if you want karaoke around here, what’s a gal to do. =D


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  1. Nice haul!

    Fuz is crazy for not getting anything?!?! WOW..

    I love those e/s palettes, I have the warm eyes one ^_^

  2. Gosh, I haven’t bought anything from MAC in the longest time! I would go to CCO, but the nearest one is like 1.5 hrs away 😛

    Kinda want one of those palettes now lol 😛

  3. @DSK I know! haha.. she WAS tempted to get the MAC blush brush but in the end, she passed. hehe. =P

    @Gee wow.. 1.5 hrs!? yeah mine’s only about 40 mins maybe.. hehe.. those palettes have the best colors! definitely a good buy. =)

  4. 😛 I leave you with all the MAC!

  5. haha.. thx Fuz =P

  6. Lovely palettes, they must be great for your purse!^^

  7. hehe.. yes! most definitely! =)

  8. The palettes are soo pretty !

    I better hit up CCO soon with DSK =)

    thanks for sharing!

  9. haha.. np! =)

  10. Nice haul! I got the Smokey eye palette around Christmas, but now I’m thinking I should have gotten Warm eyes since I never use my other palette. I think my friends and I are gonna have to plan a trip to the nearest CCO soon though!

  11. Gorgeous haul!!

  12. @Catherine haha that’s a good idea.. i’m so addicted to CCO’s now which is really bad for my wallet!

    @A thx A!! =)

  13. Score at the CCO!!

    And yay for more shopping trips with Fuz!! You guys always sound like you have the best time!!:)

    The karaoke rooms down here are about the same price.. higher on weekends… But ahhh… it’s soo much fun to do right?!

  14. I love the CCO. <3

  15. nice haul! and sounds like you guys had a blast! 🙂

  16. Ooh great haul :] I was going to buy the 226 brush too but I came too late, arrgh. :S

  17. great haul! i like how fuz didn’t get anything 😛

  18. @Wuz haha.. wish the karaoke rooms weren’t so expensive! gahh.. hehe.. but yep singing is so much fun! =)

    @NuNuDoll CCO’s the BEST! hehe.

    @Julienne yeah so far the brush has been really good.. love it! =)

    @M haha.. i tried.. but she wouldn’t budge! =P

  19. nice haul there – maaaan I used to live right around that korean bbq place! i miss it.