MAC Free Shipping through May 4th.

For anyone who’s interested.

Receive free standard shipping with any SS09 purchase. No offer code necessary. Offer valid until May 4th for orders shipped to US and Canada addresses only.


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  1. Thanks for sharing woman!! 🙂

  2. Hey, Mell! Now it’s ok! I can enter in your blog! It’s cool! Just stopped to say hello to you :)!

  3. ooh thanks for the code!! my boyfriend has the 5d :p he loves it T__T

  4. I think I’m good on the MAC for a few days. haha. Good thing the coupon is until May 4th!

  5. @Wuz haha.. anytime
    @A wasssssup girlie!
    @kawaiikao yes i would very much love the 5d right now.. hehe.. dreamy sigh
    @DSK haha YES May 4th!

  6. thanks to you, I broke my no-buy streak and ordered from MAC last night hahha =P Thanks for inviting me! Unfortunately, I’m going to PA to visit my parents this weekend =( Y’all have fun!!

  7. @kkkatie haha.. sorry girl! =P but hey.. Free shipping!! can’t wait to see what you bought =P