Last night’s dinner

It seems you girls love the last recipe blog entry so here’s another one for ya. =) I wanted to try out Pink’s P’ajon pancakes when she was cooking on blogtv but she hasn’t posted her recipe yet on her blog so I did a quick search online and headed over to HMART. I LOVE that store. They even have ppl making small dishes throughout the stores so you can have a taste. It’s like Asian Costco! hehe.. LOVE it!

Anywho, the recipe called for a whole bunch of veggie ingredients. I threw in the bean sprouts too bc I simply love them!

1/2 Korean pepper (cause hubby can’t take spicy =P); one red bell pepper

Chop up everything; cut up the green onions into 1/4 sections

Add some oil to pan and stir fry the peppers and green onions first (so colorful)

Then add the bean sprouts (totally optional); add salt & pepper to taste; stir fry till it’s cooked then set aside

The pancake batter bag didn’t have “instructions”? so I just used 1 cup of water and 1 cup of the batter. After mixing, it seems a bit thick, so I added 1/4 of water and you should get the right consistency.

Mix in the cooked veggies

Coat the pan with oil and ladel in two spoons of the mixture. Use the back of the ladel to even it out.

I found the dipping sauce for it and read the ingredients which is about the same as if I were making it myself. hehe.. yay, saves time! =)

Now onto the Korean Tofu Soup! I call it this but not sure if that’s the name. This was one of those times when I was trying out the samples in the store. Hehe.. The lady gave me some of the soup and it was sooo good and easy to make; I was totally sold on it. =P

Each box comes with 4 packets.

You’ll need 3 boxes of Soft Tofu and dice it up. Now the lady there only had tofu and green onions in the soup so I decided to add more to the mixture.
use the dry mushrooms and place it in water to soften them up. It should plump up to 2x its size.
Then cut off the stems and dice up the mushrooms; peel 3 shrimps and dice that up.
Pour soup mixture to the boiling pot and add the tofu; wait till it boils

Then add the diced mushroom to it. Lightly stir a bit and about 5 mins; lower the temp down to medium and add the shrimp to the soup.
Green onions should be placed last and I have the soup at low. To save time, I had cut up the green onions and placed it in the container and froze them. I don’t use them often and this way, it’s kept fresh and ready to use for next time. Because of the texture of it, they warm up instantly and soup is done!
Stir-Fry Shrimp (our fave dish)
I squeezed the korean hot sauce, ketchup and hoisin sauce in equal parts in a dish. You can add cornstarch if you like a thick sauce.
Place garlic into the oiled pan and stir it up only for a min bc garlic can burn.
Add a bowl of shrimp and stir fry them together (I leave the shells on to contain the yummy flavors)
Then add the sauce mixture and coat evenly and done! Easy =)

Now we always like to have veggies in our meals so here’s stir-fry bok choy
I LOVE this stuff. It flavors any dish very well. This is the jumbo size.. hhaha
Add the washed bok choy to an evenly oiled & garlic pan; then sprinkle some salt over it; add some water and cover with lid
When you lift up the lid, the bok choy should be nice and steamed. Add the oyster sauce and evenly coat; stir for about a min or so and done!
Cook your rice and you should now have a nutritious dinner! whew that was alot! haha.. it was slower when I had to take pics of each steps. =P
Of course, we can’t forget about the dessert! My favorite chinese dessert is Green Mung Bean Soup – very easy to make! I was actually able to find a small can of coconut milk which is the perfect size for the soup. The chinese grocery stores around me always carry the bigger size and I end up only using half of it and the rest gone to waste.

Line the pot with a thin layer of beans, wash 3x and then add cold water little over 1/2 and put it to boil on high. I place chopsticks to each sides and cover with lid so that the water doesn’t boil out (when the lid is closed on pot) or the water evaporates (when there’s no lid on top). Works like a charm. It usually takes about 30 mins for the beans to be soften and open up. Then add 3 soup spoonful of sugar and stir. Turn off the heat and stir in the coconut milk.
Voila! Bon Appetit Tous Les Mondes! =P


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  1. ok i’m coming over for dinner, i’m inviting myself!

  2. Omg, you’re REALLY good with cooking!! Wow, that was delicious to look at, but that’s a damn lot of work girl! How do you do it! I’m way too lazy… hahaha

  3. @M haha…. nice i need guinea pigs for new dishes. =P hubby usually doesn’t like to try anything new.. hehe

    @fuz girl, i get lazy too! i used to cook alot, got burnt out, now i’m back to cooking some more since hubby was complaining a bit. tee hee..

  4. wow that’s alot of really yummy looking stuff! you worked hard cooking them all up. they make me hungry. 😀 that’s really too bad that Lavera vendor gives you problems. i like their stuff, so it’s good thing i can just buy them off the shelves and not have to deal with sucky vendors. ^__^

  5. @aichaku.. thx! yeah i’m glad we don’t have to deal with the vendor anymore. the margins are just so low that we lose money after every sale thru the catalog… ah well. =P

  6. wow. i need to learn to cook! i think that one dish would’ve been more than i could handle and you made several!

    looks delicious!!!

  7. YUMMOS!!! I live with a chef, but you can come cook for me anytime too!!

    I’m in love with how good the Tofu Soup looks!! Mmmmmm…..!!!!

  8. ah, so nice. I used to cook vege using that sauce too.
    Korean food.. hmm, I gonna try them too <3
    I love green bean

  9. @eri i know right? haha.. believe me, I was bit tired afterwards. =P just as long as i feed hubby, he won’t complain as much. =D

    @Wuz haha.. i wish i live with a chef who cooks for ME! hehe.. that soup is sooo good and i’m so glad i was there to do a “taste-test” hahah.. learned a new dish..

    @ning*star my fave ingredient!! i lOVE green beans too! in fact, I LOVE just about any veggies out there.. hehe.. =P

  10. OMG!! TOFU and food porn!!

    We need to have a beauty blogger swap meet with a home cooked pot luck dinner!

  11. @Jamilla haha.. OMG! that is a great idea.. POTLUCK STYLE! =D

  12. Mhh, yummy yummy! I never tried with green beans, but with red beans and lots of crushed ice! 😀

  13. @Jess ooooh.. haha.. i love red beans too! but i find it so much longer to make compared to green beans.. i tried it once and took forever! i wonder if i have to put it in the pressure cooker *shrug* =P