My lovely sister lives in Jersey, only 20 mins from Mitsuwa so of course I told her about the wonderful japanese market and she was more than excited to head over there and check it out. Naturally, I asked her to get me a few things since we were going to be home last weekend. =P So she grabbed me a whole bunch of goodies that I was not able to get last time as well as that gel stuff Fuz bought. However she wasn’t able to find that hair velcro even after the second time around. FUZ, which aisle did you get it from!? hehe.

Anyways, I was craving for those strawberry-yummy chocolate-ly morsels and they were pretty much gone from the weekend. Didn’t last too long
and those Meltyblends.. mmm.. However when I went to Hmart to grab a few things for dinner yesterday and happened to see this aisle, I felt so jipped! I believe Mitsuwa was selling these for $5 a box and here I see that not only was the original price $2.99 at Hmart – $2 cheaper than Mitsuwa; it was also on sale for BUY 2 for $3! OMGAH, haha.. Man. Ah well, lesson learned. This is what I get for not price-checking.. hehe.

I should just stick to my original love – mmm.. pockies. These never fail me and I’m always in the mood for them. The way I eat these is nibble it down to the very last end. haha. How do you eat your pockies? =P

I also saw this one snack that I’ve never tried – Rice crackers w/ seawood. I know you girls probably did. Rice crackers by themselves lack some taste while Seawood is too salty on its own. Marry them together and you get this! My tastebuds were jumping for joy. hehe.

Anyways we headed to a Korean market near us in Philly for some dinner but not without first checking out the beauty counter. Ever since Steph/DSK sent me those lashes, I’ve been hooked on the criss-crossy look. hehe. So they had buy 3 for $10 and I said don’t mind if I do. The second set are 2 pairs of halfsies.. I can’t WAIT to try these on. On another note, M & Fuz are taunting me with Laura Mercier’s Shimmer bloc! Must.Resist! But it’s sooo pretty. SIGH. Decisions, decisions.

Anyways, then it was time to decide on what to eat for dinner. After a few minutes of deliberation, I finally settled on this seafood udon spicy soup. mmmm.. Just as delicious as it’s pictured here. This Saturday, Fuz and I will be heading to Leesburg Outlet to see if we can get some goodies there. The outlet has some high-end stores as well as your mid to lower end stores, but MOST importantly, our local CCO. I really hope I can walk out of there with some things that I’ve been eyeing to get and maybe try to get Fuz hooked on MAC products. muahaha. After that, we will head over to Cafe Muse in Annandale for some much needed vocal exercises on the karaoke machines! haha. Maybe we’ll record some videos for your entertainment – maybe. =P


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  1. Visiting the first time!^^
    The food looks delicious!<3
    And I love the criss-cross lashes!<3

  2. oh wow!
    Look at all those goodies! Yummy!
    Did you try those shisem lashes? =)
    I love the song you have on your blog.. xoxo

  3. Love the lashes! And you can never go wrong with Pocky!

  4. @Ji yeah?? hehe.. it seems they’re more natural-looking for sure. =)

    @beeyoutiful7 i haven’t tried them yet. are they the same as these? thx!

    @Linda hehe.. nope.. Pockies are always good. =)

  5. MMmm… Meltyblends.. Chiara introdced me to that! And that ararae (rice cracker) is soo common down here in Hawaii! It’s everyday snacking!

    Oohhh.. Pocky, Lashes, Udon… MMMM!!

    And more shopping w/ Fuz?! How fun! Can’t wait for that post again!! 🙂

  6. Wow I need to storm to Hmart right now and get me Meltyblends!!! Hahahaha. I never seen them before at my Hmart..

    Yay can’t wait for outlet and karaoke!! Video??? Of you singing!!! 😀

  7. i hope you do record it XD
    that shimmer bloc suuure looks pretty! i wonder how long you can resist hehe.
    i do the same with the pocky too

  8. @Wuz yeah?? hehe.. never had it till now.. i know! let see if we can do any damage.. hehe.. i hope not tooo much =P

    @Fuz dude! I KNOW! when i saw that, I was like wha?? haha.. and no, video of YOU singing! haha.

    @MiuMiu MUST.RESIST! haha.. man how long will i last. =P

  9. hi dear , wow wow… so many goodies… Shisem lashes looks really nice, I have2 pairs but haven’t use any yet, it is from Mona.

    how nice the Mitsuwa is near with you… but it is too far for me @__@

    have a nice day <3

  10. @ning hey girl! mitsuwa isn’t near me but my sister’s. i had her grab the stuff for me.. hehe.. but hmart is def near me and it seems a little cheaper in prices when it comes to food. =)

  11. oh gosh! You were jipped! at least you won’t be from now on hehe.
    I still can’t find meltyblends yet where i live 🙁
    Ohh the shimmer bloc! It is pretty isn’t it? I keep seeing them in all the blogs I read so I lost my selfcontrol and got one too hehehe. Can’t wait for it to come!

  12. yeah i find most asian markets cheaper than mitsuwa! the ramen there is the only reason i go haha

  13. @kasumi haha.. u gave in! gulped.. must.resist! sigh.. who am i kidding, it’s too pretty not to get.. =P

    @M YES! i think i will go there for beauty products i can’t get anywhere else and FOOD! hehe.

  14. !! I got those strawberry chocolates too! I haven’t tried them yet, but if you own them they must be good! I also bought the same package of rice crackers with the seaweed wrap, and pocky!!

    Ok..too much excitement about food.
    I’m glad you like the criss cross lashes, you just admit, those queen lashes were super light weren’t they?

    I’ll definitely pick up more when I’m in LA this summer, or hopefully hunt them down in a beauty shop around here.

    Have you tried the Orange Pocky yet? I just bought those..can’t wait!

    Heart you fellow snacker of Japanese variety snacks lol

  15. @DSK haha.. i can always talk about food.. mmm… but yeah OMG the lashes are super light! i have yet to try them on, i’m thinking a video this weekend for sure. =)wait a TICK! haha.. ORANGE Pockies!!!??? now THAT would be my downfall.. mmm.. *gone hunting them down*! hehe.

  16. ahhh, your food pics just did some damage! Now I’m so incredibly hungry lol.

    I picked up 2 boxes of Melty Melts last week at the Jas Mart in St. Makrs in NYC. They were around $1.50 each too =). If you ever come to NYC again, I’ll take you there! (even though it’s pretty small, like a midget compared to Mitsuwa)

  17. @Eleganteve haha i know right? yeah we need to make another nyc trip but with more beauty bloggers gathering! =)

  18. found your blog thru fuz! my eyes bugged when you said you found shishem lashes at a korean market in philly. I live in philly and have basically scoured chinatown and found nothing! lol please tell me where this korean market is!

  19. it’s called Assi Plaza in North Wales, PA. Not sure if there’s one in center Philly.. I’m pretty sure it’s a chain.. hehee.. good luck! =)

  20. Thanks for commenting! Did you ever find the hair velcro thing?