Guess What Came in the Mail Today?

I walked into my office late this morning as always and there, laying upon my guest chair, was a small Nordie’s package . Of course I knew what that was and yes I broke down and got it! *hangs head low* Darn you M & Fuz – my two lovely temptress!! haha. Sigh, but it is quite lovely and I’ve tried it on in the store a few times – gives my cheeks such a sheen to it.

But no more! hehe.. I need to be on a makeup diet.. seriously.. That and also a healthy diet as well. I’ve been eating alot of junk foods lately. It’s been consuming my life! =P Alright, signing off!


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  1. BUT BUT BUT its pretty lol

  2. Awe! you ‘ re lucky, Mell! Coo stuff!

  3. That IS a very lovely palette, I’ve been admiring it on Ms.Mona’s lil blog!! It’s soo SPRING!

  4. @jojos4eva haha.. it is very pretty =P

    @A haha.. thx A!

    @KT I know right? definitely just in time for Spring. =)

  5. LOL! You finally caved in!! XD but can’t really say anything to that cuz i know it’s really pretty! haha

  6. Wow, you girls are so spoiled with that beautiful blush palette. Good for you!!

  7. @Aquaracer haha.. sadly so. =P

    @DSK I know right??? sad sad..hehe.

  8. It’s time I go on a makeup diet too!
    But that palette does look so gorgeous. Post a pic with you wearing it! 🙂

  9. i’ll prob do a tutorial wearing it this weekend on YT. =)

  10. lol a makeup diet?! you’re so cute!! enjoy your super pretty palette :]

  11. @kawaiikao haha.. thx hun! =)

  12. LOL!! Woooooot!!!! Makeup diet?? What about our outlet outing?? Hahahaa

  13. @FUZ who says i’m goin to buy makeup from the outlet?? heheee.. ok .. more one.. i don’t know! don’t tempt me girl!!

  14. Ohh you got that purrdy little thang too!! You guys make the higher end stuff soooo tempting!!

    GL on both diets! LOL!!

  15. wooooo hoooo! imma so proud of you that you got it. makeup diet doesn’t mean you can’t buy anything, it means you buy less 😛

  16. ahhh so pretty! This is one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen! I’m going to steal it lol.
    I can’t wait to get it!
    Glided Garden shimmer bloc group unite lol

  17. @Wuz haha.. thx girl!

    @M ohhhh.. hahaa.. u don’t say?? hmmm.. that sounds better then =P

    @Kasumi it is very pretty.. sigh.. haha.

  18. So prettttty!

  19. oh no! makeup diet is a nightmare! lol… but good luck, girl 😉

  20. haha.. thx! i think i need all the luck i can get. =P