My Spell Cosmetics haul came in and I couldn’t wait to try these pigment eyeshadows! There was a sale on this about a week or two ago and I got all of this for around $50 including shipping. Not too shabby. I’ve been wanting to try these for awhile since the colors come off really pigmented.

Also, I’ve been looking forever for MAC’s Emote Blush which is pretty much discontinued and I’ve checked the Leesburg Outlet and never find it there or they’re sold out. I obviously didn’t search hi and low for it bc the two CCO near me in MD happen to have a stack of them when I gave them a call yesterday. So as soon as work was done, I made a dash to my car and drove over and picked up as many Emote blushes I could get my hands on as well as a few other lipsticks that I wanted.

Aren’t they pretty? =P
Also on a side note, I’ve decided to have a back to back contest so go here if you want to enter. I’m going to give away one MAC Emote Blush to a lucky winner just because I love this blush and I want someone else to have one as well. =)
Contest Info video ! =)



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  1. Just a great haul!! Cool stuffs! very pretty lippy stuffs!!

  2. hehe.. thx A! =)

  3. yayyyy for lippies! haha.. I totally have like 30 lipsticks of similar colors too. Totally never going to be able to finish any of them.

    My parents are in Lancaster PA. They moved there recently, so I don’t really know the place very well. There seems to be a lot of amish ppl there lol…

  4. OoO you got the goodies!
    And congrats on getting emote blush! Love those lippie colors~ Did you purchase all 9 emote blush? If you did, I didn’t know that you were able to get all of them.

    I know my bestie DSK couldn’t get it all because of their policy.

    but glad that you were able to get a lot of goodies from there! you know its not that easy to find it sometimes at CCO.

  5. @kkkkatie.. haha.. i know! i keep looking at each one together and they look so different but on video, they look the same! haha.. ohh lancaster.. yeah it is known for amish ppl =P but got some interesting stuff there i’m sure. =D

    @beeyoutiful7 yeah i know.. i purchase the 6 from one store and just 3 from another.. i figure 9 is more than i need.. =P haha.. Steph got me on the search again for them! =P

  6. are those all emote blushes in the back!?!? it made me laugh when you picked up as many as you could XD

  7. nice haul. so many blushes. when you use it do you swirl together or use the colors sepretly?

  8. Yay for finding what you want!! 🙂

    And oooohh a giveaway! Count me in!! LOL!! I was soo sad when I finally got to go to a CCO (the one in Napa) on my trip, but didn’t come out with anything. Only cuz we don’t have those down here in Hawaii. But oh well!!!

    And all those lippies are PURRRDY!!

  9. AWESOME contest =) They only have a UBER small m.a.c counter in my university town =(

    I followed your blog and twitter =)[twitter should be under yinnie_chung]

  10. @MiuMiu haha.. yeah =P

    @SugarTink it’s used mainly as a contour blush or sometimes a bronzer but you would just apply it near the hollows of your cheeks and up when you make a fishy face =)

    @WUZ I know right?? it’s like hit or miss in those stores!

    @Yin cool! just leave a comment in my YT video if you haven’t already =) trying to keep everything in one place. =D

  11. Hey, sweetheart! thanks for visited me 🙂

  12. Dang Mel! You’re lucky, they let you get all of those? I was limited to 3, but then I forced Minh to purchase 3 too hahaha.

    That is like the best prize ever…EMOTE BLUSH!

  13. @DSK right?? i think i was putting on my little charm to win them over! *wink wink* haha.. =P

  14. holy moly you got a lot of pretty stuff!!!
    Will you be swatching those lippies you got?? They all look so pretty!

  15. @Kasumi haha.. umm.. i’m so lazy when it comes to swatching.. especially when i bought so many.. haha.. =P

  16. Please count me in for the Emote blush contest.

  17. so i guess no swatches for spell cosmetics too, huh, mel. ahahaha. and yeah, the lippies look awesome!

  18. I definitely do not know what you need for this contest ..

    As most girls know, I can not speak well English .. and I can not understand what you say in your videos =/

    Well .. I hope that all the girls who are participating have good luck! =)

  19. yay! lol giveaway!!

  20. @aquaracer haha.. not this one.. maybe i’ll try for the next one.. =P so lazy.. hehe.

    @Jessy hey girl, just click on my youtube video link and it’ll take u to the contest. u’re already a follower of my blog so u just have to follow my twitter and make a comment on my youtube video to enter. =)

    @Mansi =)

  21. Great Haul, wish I had a CCO in my State 🙁 I have the Pretty Please l/s, love using it for pale lips 🙂
    Loving the contest, never seen anyone do swatches of emote blush. I’ve only seen vid.s of them using it, but I can’t see it well enoungh on their faces.
    Love the vid.s you do too!
    Twitter username is xphoenix06 same as blogger and on YT I subscribe as B0nsgirl2006

  22. hey glad to find ur blog! i got here through fuz’s page! 🙂

    please count me in for your contest! i followed u on blogspot and twitter! also subscribed to your youtube! 🙂

  23. omg I just saw this post and I still have time to make it! love your blog!

  24. is the makeup offered at CCO cheaper then at the MAC store or whatever, like are the wholesale or discounted or are the just regular retail prices?

  25. yes most definitely! especially collections.. u don’t find that many permament e/s there but the collections u do and some brushes if u’re lucky.. =)