My First B2M and a little Haul =)

What was supposed to be a quick trip to MAC store for my first B2M product and maybe one eyeshadow turned into another quick damage to my wallet. =/ That MUA was soo convincing in choosing which colors go with what – I couldn’t resist! But yeah, seriously, haha.. I just wanted a small collection – nothing overboard so I think these past two MAC hauls will hold me over for awhile – fingers crossed!!!

I had to rearrange the colors a bit so that everything fits into four palettes. Just showing three of them since I only added concrete e/s to my neutral palette.

Pinks/Purple Palette

Greens/Yellow/Orange Palette
Blues/Blacks Palette



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  1. great haul girl! looove that mac foundation pump! its a life saver!

  2. thanks hun! i wondered how i went without one for so long! hehe.

  3. omg that always happens to me… I go to MAC for just like one thing… And I come home with a wounded wallet! haha Nice haul though. 🙂

  4. haha.. good.. it’s not only me then.. thx! =)

  5. Cool stuffs! Love your eye shadow collection!

  6. hehe..thx anastacia! =)