It’s Pucca-licious!!!!

So lo and behold, after my meeting today, I went back to my office and saw a box left on my chair. Could this be?? Is it what I think it is??

I opened the box up and sure enough, it’s my pretty crochet Pucca all tucked in with a little note from the wonderful yarnivore KT!
If you’ve seen my haul videos, you would have known that I ADORE Pucca! Not much of a Hello Kitty fan but when Pucca’s in sight – all hell breaks loose! haha.. ok fine, just a little hell. Not trying to scare anyone here.
So when I happened upon KT‘s site and saw her cutest, most wonderful creation, well I said to myself, I have to have it!!! But what do I choose – everything looks sooo cute!? Then I saw one of her blog entry with a crochetted Hello Kitty and I thought to myself, maybe I can request for my very own Pucca!!!
Thus, I am the very proud owner of the one pictured below:

It even came with the cutest note so I thought I’d share =)

Thanks so much KT!!!! Absolutely looooove loooove looove it!!!

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  1. Tia’s so good! I had her make me a turtle and I love him ~

  2. awww.. the turtle’s cute too!! man she’s the crochet goddess! hehe.

  3. awwwwwww!!!

    im sooo glad you’re happy with your purchase!! that brings a smile to my face ^_^