It was Fuz-tastic!!!!

Today was such a great day. First, I received a lovely surprise today at work when my Pucca doll came in. Then I had the great pleasure of having dinner with none other than recent blogger friend Fuz!!!!

Honestly we must have been long lost twins except for that fact that she’s freaking tall!!!! hehee.. I felt like a midget compared to her. =P First I found out that we went to different schools in Pittsburgh! We loved the same restaurant Rose Tea Cafe and we karaokied at Chinatown Inn but never once met! haha… Better yet, I found my new hardcore karaoke buddy!!! I mean who doesn’t LOVE to sing! hehee. Such a shock that it was the first time tonight that we actually crossed path and I’m so glad. She’s such a darling!!

We met up at Bob’s Noodle House for some dinner since she had yet to eat there. Food there was always good for me and bc it was Taiwanese food, I knew Fuz would love it there. I did ask for a special request for her not to order stinky tofu! hahaa. After dinner, we headed over to Rockville Town Center at Sushi Damo and just chatted a bit more there.

I had such an awesome time and I’m sure there will be many more chances to hang out! Before I left, Fuz got me a little something something and I was like doh! I should’ve gone out to get something for her too !!! Ahhh, this girl’s too sweet.

She got me DiorAddict High Shine lipstick and it’s sooo pretty. My first Dior lipstick. Thx Fuz!!!!

The color is Beige New Look and it’s gorgeous and oh so natural on the lips!

Girl, you definitely shouldn’t have but I LOVE LOVE IT!! Can’t wait till the next time we get to hang out again! 😉

us at Sushi Damo =) (the sake was all hers.. haha =P)


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  1. Yayyy I’m so glad, you already tried it on too, aahahaha. You’re SO fast! xD It looks gorgeous! 😀

    I can’t wait till next time~ ;]

  2. haha.. LOVE IT! thx thx FUZ!

  3. Gorgeous color 🙂

  4. thx hun! i looove it.. feels so moisturizing too.. =)

  5. That color is soooo yummy–makes your lips look sexy!

  6. awww.. thx!! =)

  7. What a fun blogger “date”! Fuz is such a sweetheart, I heart her <3

  8. haha.. yes she was a great date!! heheee.

  9. WWOOW! Here Mell meets Fuzz! It’s so great!

  10. aw, I got your site off fuz’s..I need to get Dior lipsticks now..they look awesome

  11. thx Anastacia!!

    @je nais sais quoi – that color is gorgeous so yes a must get!! =)

  12. fuztastic indeed! 😀 the l/s looks great on you!

  13. i like the color on ur lips… 🙂

  14. @M thx! such pretty pretty color =)

    @Siew Goh – thx!!