Why Do People Need to Ruin a Good Thing?

So recently I have been unable to set up my videos to be able to select which thumbnail I wanted to show up as a selection. I was so confused and kept uploading -reuploading – redo the video and reupload to no avail! I can never find the photo thumbnail that I wanted. Frustrated, I went to search for the reason why and came upon this article.

Gahhh, so Youtube is no longer setting the thumbnail at 25/50/75 points in the video index and there’s no way to figure out the new method bc it will be selected algorithmically. Great.

I guess that’s the one good thing about becoming a partner for youtube is that you can actually upload your own thumbnails. Who cares about the fancy banner – it’s the thumbnail option that makes being a partner more appealing. =P Le Sigh!


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  1. Thanx for visited me and for your comment to me 🙂 you are so sweet! and thanks for subscribing on YT 🙂