A Very Sad Day.

With the downturn of economy at its worst, my company wasn’t safe from it either. Today marked the day that we have people in each department being laid off. I was ready for today bc really I’m still young and have the energy to head out to the job field and search. However, there are others who have kids to support through college and need insurance to provide for the family. It makes my heart very sad to hear that I’m safe and they are not. We have at least four from our group let go and I just don’t feel like working today. How can I when I see coworkers with whom I work are gone now and still awaiting news from friends in other departments to hear if they are safe.

Also, when people are gone, it would be up to the rest of us to take over their workload. There’s to be a re-organization as well and who knows who will be doing what job. So many questions still left up in the air.

Very sad day indeed. SIGH!


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