Too-Faced Liquif-Eye Shadow Collection

I guess this is what you get for buying stuff online before actually seeing the product in the store or reading any reviews. I get so lazy in the wintertime that I don’t head out as much as I do even though the mall is really a 5 minute drive. Really. That means that Sephora is also a 5 minute drive.. haha.. Talk about laziness. Anywho, so I bought Too-Faced Liquif-Eye Shadow collection thinking it would be like an Urban Decay Shadow collection. Boy was I surprised when I opened my sephora box and out came this tiny little mini eyeshadow collection. Huh?? Now that I’m looking at the website, it actually has four stars for the review?? What the? Ok, this is NOT worth $35 – no way no how! I’m sure the shadow is awesome and all but really for that kind of price, you’d be better off purchasing from Urban Decay. Quite disappointed.

Don’t let the picture fool ya, it’s smaaaalll – like the size of my hand small and my hand is pretty small. Stinks! Ah well, guess I’ll head to Sephora and save myself $35. =P Hahah.. I’m definitely weird, I will not head out to the mall to actually buy the stuff, but will head to the mall to return the stuff. Eh, I didn’t say I was normal. =P


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