Perfect Lash Comb

I’ve always had a lash comb in any of the brush collections I buy. People just always give them away and I’ve had plenty of them but don’t ever use them. Why? Because they don’t really do the job at all! I run it through and the brush would either not separate at all with the hair end but the comb end would break apart the mascara.

Now, this lash comb looks like any one of them but it’s a bit different. I came up on this through another blog and read that there are others who use a push pin to separate the lashes before this came along. That doesn’t sound safe at all but this comb seems to be able to do the trick. Unfortunately I don’t normally need a comb so I may just pass on this until I do need one. Still it’s pretty blog-worthy. =)

You can go to the website to purchase it for $15. If you do, let me know how it works for ya! =)


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  1. oh wow i want one of these!!

  2. hehe.. yeah try it and let me know! =P