My Colored Lenses!

I bought two – one tri-color in green and a circle lens color in grey. So far I’m liking it! The green took some time to get used to but once I apply eye makeup, my eyes just pop! The contacts are fun to change up my dull dark brown eyes that have no color.

Then yesterday I stopped in my local Sally’s Beauty store and picked up two china glaze nail polish. I’m liking the colors very much!! So vibrant! I may go back to pick up two more. I also picked up a non-acetone nail polish remover because the acetone one has very harsh chemicals that can damage your nails over short period of time. Since I’m getting into wearing nail polish more often, I need to take care of my nails so they don’t chip and stay strong.

I will be putting up a video on my youtube channel momentarily for this smokey purple look! =)


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  1. i ordered those contacts too i can’t wait!! i love the blues ones on you!

  2. yay!!!