Inauguration Day!!! and Good Morning America!

Inauguration Day for me started rolling out of bed at 4am and then heading down to meet my friends by 5:30am. We decided to pick a spot right near the Monument where you look down at the Capitol and see several Jumbotrons in sight. It was a good 6 hrs of waiting in the COLD COLD COLD weather; I thought I was going to die! The area where we were seemed like the hot spot for all the media; Good Morning America, MSNBC and ABC. We were part of the crowd on Good Morning America and my friends just sent me this video earlier today!! It was too funny! See if you could pick me out from the crowd. I’m at the end next to my friend in the white scarf. I didn’t want to be rude and stick myself right in the middle which I’m sure I could. haha.

There weren’t that many security near where we were but I’m sure if we went closer, it would’ve been more strict. By 7am, more ppl started to arrive and by 8am, it was pretty full. There was a mention that 2 million would show up but by the start of the ceremony, it was about 1 million. I’m glad I was part of the whole thing. My parents called me crazy for wanting to go down there but really how often does this ever happen in my lifetime?

It was soo crazy leaving the area though. It was only a short distance from the Monument to the street and the whole area was a sea of heads! It took us a good hour just to baby set like herds of cattles. We stopped somewhere to eat and warm up first since most of the metro stations were jam-packed with ppl. Very exciting day and now here’s to CHANGE! =)


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