Heated Eyelash Curler!

So I ordered a heated eyelash curler from my company’s catalog bc we get it at little bit over cost so why not. Since I never saw the thing and don’t know what the name was, I would’ve done more research before purchasing the thing. I was excited to see my package came today, opened it up and was a bit disappointed.
What I hoped for was this:

Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler

Instead I got this:

Blinc Heated Lash Curler

Had I known it was this type, I wouldn’t have purchased it. Anyone can see that it would be time-consuming just to do one eye let alone two. Even from the reviews, it received 2 stars. I have a mindset to return it, but then I’m thinking I only had to pay $12 while Amazon is selling it for $24.99. Amazon is also selling the Panasonic one for $30. Really though, it’s something that I can wait. I don’t really have a problem keeping my lashes curled and I don’t really have to have it. I really need to tell myself that everytime I want to purchase anything. =P

Ah well, I may just return it. Stinker! I love the packaging though – very cute.


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  1. I saw that stuff early, but don’t know what is it LOL thanx so much for this post, I’m gonna to try this

  2. hehe.. np!

  3. omg! I got that eyelash curling and I going try to use it 🙂 thanx again for this post 🙂

    and btw, thank so much for visited me 🙂 and yeahh, thank you 🙂

  4. I thought Fuz’s Panasonic heated curler isn’t anyway look like this ?